Benefits veteran of labor of federal significance. List of benefits


Today, our attention will be presented benefitsveteran of labor of federal significance. What can a citizen count as a "veteran of labor"? Who and what bonuses from the state are laid in this case? What documents can be useful in this or that case? The answers to these questions and not only will be found below. In reality, everything is much simpler than it seems. Especially if it's only about federal benefits.

To whom are laid

What benefits does a veteran of federal labor have? There are not so many of them. But first, let's try to understand who can claim this title at all.

benefits veteran of federal work

Today the title "Veteran of Labor" is appropriated to:

  • people who started working as children in the WWII;
  • in the presence of work experience of 40 years - for men, 35 - for women;
  • if the citizen has distinctive awards, orders, medals.

Accordingly, not everyone is able to acquire a similar status. But if he is, then a person has the right to certain state support.


What are the benefits for a veteran of federal labor in Russia in 2017? Remembering them is not so difficult. There are transport privileges. They are interested in many retirees.

What can you expect? In Russia, citizens with the status of a "veteran of labor," can:

  • free use of suburban transport;
  • to receive discounts for travel on railway tickets;
  • In advance, book tickets for flights and travel by train / train.

But that is not all. Veterans of labor in Russia have a special position. And so they are presented with special opportunities in different spheres of human life.

 what are the benefits for a veteran of federal work


A huge role in this issue is played by taxes. Pensioners are often exempt from taxation to some extent. What about the veterans of labor? Benefits of federal significance include tax bonuses.

Among them are:

  • full exemption from property tax for 1 object in each category;
  • exemption of pensions and material assistance from the employer from personal income tax;
  • deduction for land tax (10 000 rubles).

Some people are interested in transport tax. This payment is regional in character. It directly depends on the city. That is, to federal benefits exemption from transport taxes can not be attributed. But such a bonus in practice occurs quite often.


It's not a secret for anybody that health care plays a huge role for pensioners. Here, benefits for a veteran of federal labor also take place.

What can you expect to study the category of citizens? For example:

  • free service in medical institutions of the Russian Federation;
  • dental treatment free of charge;
  • installation of dentures without collection of funds;
  • the provision of free medicines (some).

It should also be noted that the list of benefitsveterans of labor of federal importance necessarily include payment for treatment in sanatoriums and health resorts. This is quite normal and common phenomenon.

Benefits veteran of labor of federal significance in 2014


In the Russian Federation, there are usually no federal payments to labor veterans. Accordingly, in this area, there is not much to hope for. The bulk of financial benefits and bonuses is provided at the regional level.

It is desirable to specify more detailed information inspecific region of Russia. After all, regional benefits with the federal have no connection. And they need to be specified depending on the applicant's place of residence.


Benefits for federal pensioners are oftenprovide for the payment of allowances for pensions. But such money is not given to everyone and taking into account the peculiarities of the residence of a particular locality.

The supplement to the pension is given to the veterans of labor, who receive a pension according to work. And only if the size of these payments is smaller than the subsistence level of the region. In other cases, the bonus does not take place.

Benefits for a veteran of federal work


The benefits of a veteran of federal labor in 2014 differ little from those that are provided now. All pensioners with studied status can apply for housing and communal assistance.

What exactly are we talking about? As a rule, among the state support in the sphere of housing and communal services, there are:

  • payment of the phone;
  • a 50% discount on utilities;
  • discounts for gasification and water supply.

That is, the studied category of citizens can expect to reduce the cost of utilities by half. This is normal, but this bonus requires mandatory registration.

Replacement with money

Almost all the benefits of a veteran of federal laborvalues ​​are already known to us. The next feature is not in all regions of Russia. More precisely, somewhere it is provided without unnecessary manipulation, and in some cities the pensioner will have to declare his rights. It's about monetizing the benefits listed above.

What it is? A pensioner may refuse to receive certain state bonuses. In return, they will be reimbursed for specific services. Today you can monetize:

  • treatment in sanatoria;
  • issuance of free medicines;
  • travel by transport.

No more options and no layout. Other benefits of a veteran of federal labor are provided in full on the application of the citizen and in case of refusal from them / non-registration are not compensated in any way.

privileges for pensioners of federal significance

For working

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in Russiamany pensioners continue to work. But so far, the continuation of work after retirement does not entail the abolition of benefits. Moreover, employers are required to provide labor bonuses.

What is it about? Benefits for a veteran of federal labor in the labor field are as follows:

  • additional unpaid leave (1 month);
  • possibility of choosing a vacation period;
  • free education and retraining (for all pensioners).

Usually these opportunities are provided withoutadditional actions. If the established rules are not observed, the pensioner can apply to the labor inspectorate with a complaint. But, as practice shows, it usually does not come to this.

Where to make out?

Many are interested in where you can get all the previously listed state bonuses. There is no single answer to this question. After all, it all depends on what kind of benefits are involved.

list of benefits for veterans of federal labor

For example, payments and supplements to pensions are formalizedin the FIU, and tax bonuses - in the Federal Tax Service. Discounts on housing and utilities are provided after contacting the management company. Transport benefits are set by default after the presentation of the pension certificate and proof of the status of "Veteran of Labor".

How to deal with medicine? Usually, medical assistance is also provided free of charge without any additional action. The same goes for the provision of medicines.

About step by step design

How to get the benefits of a veteran of federal labor? It's enough to follow some algorithm of actions. It practically does not depend on the category of state support received.

The instruction on registration of privileges of the veteran of work of federal value looks so:

  1. Prepare a package of documents. It directly depends on what kind of benefits are involved.
  2. Write an application for state support.
  3. Submit a written request to the registration authority.

Done! Usually no answer is needed. Privileges will be granted after the registration authority verifies the authenticity and integrity of the package of securities. Usually it takes about 1 month.

Basic Documents

Now a little about what documents can come in handy when receiving benefits. Among them, the following are mandatory:

  • passport;
  • statement;
  • SNILS;
  • TIN (if any);
  • pension certificate / certificate of a pensioner;
  • evidence of the status of "Veteran of Labor";
  • certificates with residence permit;
  • military ticket (for men);
  • work book.

This is a list of papers without which the benefits of a veteran of federal labor will not be provided. Depending on the situation, a citizen is required to provide some additional information.

how to get the benefits of a veteran of federal work


Which ones? For example:

  • certificates of ownership of property;
  • extracts from the house book;
  • checks and payments with paid housing and communal services;
  • contract for the provision of medical services.

It all depends on the circumstances. Henceforth, we understand what benefits for a veteran of federal work are taking place in Russia. Registration of state support in this case will not cause any trouble. The main thing is to reach the retirement age, to retire and have the appropriate status. Regional benefits for citizens with the title "Veteran of Labor" can be completely different. Therefore, they need to be specified in the region, at the place of residence of the applicant.

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