Benefits and benefits for people with disabilities of different groups


Persons with disabilities in our country are the most unprotected stratum of the population. Depending on the severity of the diseases, they are entitled to a number of benefits and payments.

Benefits for the disabled of the first group:

  1. Disability pension. To date, it is 5926.13 rubles
  2. Benefits for the disabled for housing and communal services at 50% of their cost.
  3. Exemption from taxes on housing or vehicles received by inheritance.
  4. Exemption from payment of land tax and tax from individuals.
  5. Exemption from tax on special. car, as well as a car received from the state through social protection agencies, whose capacity does not exceed 100 liters. forces.
  6. Free medicines, urine - and kalopriemniki, means of rehabilitation and dressings according to the doctor's prescription.
  7. Free travel in urban and suburban municipal transport.
  8. The opportunity to go to the place of treatment or rehabilitation once a year free of charge, and also to bring one accompanying person with you free of charge.
  9. 50% discount on tickets when traveling between 01.10 and 15.05 in the air, railway. or any other public transport.
  10. Provision of a car for medical reasons.

Of course, this is not the entire list of subsidies that are reputed to be the invalid of the first group. In addition to these, there are a number of tax benefits, benefits in education and subsidies to relatives when they leave.

Benefits for the disabled of the second group:

  1. Providing free prescription drugs for unemployed disabled people and a 50% discount for paying for working medicines.
  2. For owners of radio and phone - a discount of 50% when paying for them.
  3. Priority acquisition of land for individual housing construction.
  4. Depending on the disease, an invalid may be entitled to an additional area (in the form of a separate room) when registering for improvement.
  5. Free travel in municipal city and suburban transport, as well as a 50% discount when paying utility bills and apartment payments.
  6. Possibility of free travel to treatment sites once a year. The privilege does not apply to accompanying persons.
  7. The disability pension, which is currently 2963.07 rubles.
  8. Annual compensation for disabled persons who have the right to be eligible for a vehicle, but have not received or refused it.
  9. Admission outside the competition in educational institutions of secondary education and universities, subject to the successful passing of exams and fitness for health reasons.

In addition to the listed, there is a whole listbenefits and benefits that are due to disability. Another thing is that they are not all applicable to today's realities or concern only certain narrow groups - working disabled people, individual entrepreneurs or students.

The third group is considered to be the easiest, working one. Therefore, the list of subsidies and benefits is significantly reduced.

Basic rights and benefits of disabled people of the third group:

  1. Disability pension in the amount of 1481.57 rubles.
  2. A discount of fifty percent when paying for communal housing and housing.
  3. The discount is fifty percent when paying for phone and radio.
  4. 50% discount when buying drugs from a doctor for unemployed people with disabilities.
  5. Exemption from payment of tax on a car specially equipped for the needs of a disabled person, or received through social security. protection (not exceeding 100 hp).
  6. The right to sanatorium treatment on preferential terms in accordance with an individually designed rehabilitation program.
  7. An employer may involve an employee with a third disability group to work overtime only with his consent and in the absence of contraindications.

In addition to these categories, in our country there are certain benefits for disabled children, privileges for war invalids and benefits for families with a disabled child.

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