"Excellent Soviet Army": what benefits to a pension can be obtained with this award


Today in Russia, the bulk of citizens do notstimulate the implementation of working standards and improve the quality of work. That's why many just think how you can get out of working duties and have a longer rest. Under the USSR, there was strict control over employees. But at the same time, experts were encouraged, and significantly. For example, some were given the rank and the sign "Excellent Soviet Army." What benefits can a person receive today in Russia with such a breastplate of distinction? Is he entitled to anything from the state?

an honors pupil of the Soviet Army what are the benefits

Who was assigned

Consider who was given such insignia. Already by the name it can be said that the "Honorable Soviet Army" is the distinctive reward of the servicemen. It was awarded to those who distinguished themselves during the service to the Motherland.

Usually such an icon was issued:

  • ordinary;
  • sergeants;
  • commanders of the fleet and land forces.

Since 1957, the cadets of military schools have been categorized as servicemen who could receive this badge.

In this case, only positive differences were taken into account. If the awarded person has distinguished himself in a bad sense, then the corresponding title was selected from him.

The badge "Excellent worker of the Soviet Army" is froma shield that is laid on a wreath made of oak leaves of golden color. At the top of the sign is a white disk, in the middle of which there is a star with a sickle and a hammer. On the edge of the disk there is an inscription: "Excellent Soviet Army." At the bottom of the sign is another star.

Are the benefits?

What privileges can the "Excellent Soviet Army" get? This question interests many citizens. After all, with the USSR, as it was said above, the reward meant a lot.

What are the benefits of an excellent student of the Soviet Army

The thing is that the "Excellent Army of the Soviet Army" -this is not a rank, not a status, not a reward. This is an ordinary sign of distinction, which in reality only directs citizens to conscientious service to the Motherland. By itself, it does not guarantee any benefits and other state bonuses. Therefore, some believe that this mark of difference does not affect human life in any way. In reality, this is not the case.

Getting a new status

Benefits honors the Soviet Army in Russiaall the same laid. But not for the received award, because it does not give any special position in the society. The best soldiers of the Soviet Army are not heroes, they just served conscientiously in the armed forces.

Nevertheless, this award has a number of bonuses andadvantages. For example, citizens with this badge can claim to be a veteran of labor. And then a person can get some benefits from the Russian state.

privileges honors the Soviet Army

Features of accrual of experience

Why are the best students of the Soviet Armyposition in society? What are the benefits to them? To get any monetary encouragement you need to earn the status of a veteran of labor. Why are the honors of the Soviet Army entitled to this status? This is due to the fact that service in the army is included in the length of service. This feature is prescribed in the Law on the Status of Servicemen. All the years spent in the army are taken into account when retiring.

Does an honors pupil of the Soviet Army receive privileges forpensions? It is safe to say that this category of citizens retires earlier. Every year, service in the army is considered for 2 years of normal work, it does not matter whether the urgent service is talked about or contractual.

Experience and veteran of work

Even with the sign "Excellent Soviet Army" get the status of a veteran of labor is not so simple. Citizens will have to work out a certain period, that is, get a working experience.

an honors pupil of the Soviet Army benefits to retirement

Today in Russia, men need to work out25 years, women - 20. The presence of the mark "Excellent Soviet Army" is not a basis for obtaining the title "Veteran of Labor." It should be noted that this is a very controversial issue, which only an experienced lawyer can clarify.

General Benefits

What privileges are offered to an excellent student of the Soviet Army? As it was said above, you can apply for state support only after registration of the status "Veteran of Labor". This is exactly what will be discussed later.

The main list of benefits is provided atthe citizen's achievement of the retirement age. In all regions the same conditions apply for granting state bonuses. Let's start with a general list of benefits. The honors of the Soviet Army are the following benefits:

  • free medical services;
  • free dental prosthetics and treatment;
  • possibility of choosing a vacation time;
  • free travel in public transport;
  • reduced by 50% the cost of train tickets;
  • discounts on utilities (half of invoices issued).

In reality, everything is much simpler than it seems. The receipt of all the above benefits is carried out only upon application of a citizen. While the applicant does not apply to these or other services with the request, the listed benefits will not be provided.

an honors pupil of the Soviet Army pension benefits

Peculiarities of pension

It is worth paying attention to what benefitsan honors pupil of the Soviet Army laid under certain circumstances. The previously listed bonuses are federal. They rely on all the veterans of labor, regardless of where they live.

Nevertheless, there are also regional benefits. They are often provided by the decision of a particular district or district. These payments are made to labor veterans if they receive a labor pension less than the subsistence minimum. Under similar circumstances, an honors pupil of the Soviet Army (what privileges he was entitled to have already been told) receives an allowance in the amount that is required to ensure the subsistence minimum. This indicator varies from time to time, it directly depends on the place of residence of a person.


What are the benefits of an excellent student of the Sovietarmy? Among them, there are monetization of some state bonuses. If the beneficiary refuses to receive part of the benefits, they can be compensated with money.

There are 3 types of bonuses that allow you to monetize. Namely:

  • transport;
  • provision of medicines;
  • treatment in sanatoria and resorts.

The features of obtaining such a benefit depend onregion of residence. In some cities, monetization has a declarative nature, somewhere it is provided initially. More detailed information should be specified in the administration of each locality.

what are the benefits for an excellent worker of the Soviet army

How to apply?

What are the privileges of an excellent student of the Soviet Army inRussia? If you do not register the status of "Veteran of Labor", then you do not need to hope for bonuses. But as soon as a citizen gets a proper title, new opportunities open before him.

The bulk of benefits is formalized by default whenappealing to certain organizations or to the FIU / FNS. In some cases it is necessary to come to the management company, which serves the pensioner's place of residence.

In general, the algorithm for obtaining state support can be described as follows:

  1. Collect the documents required to receive a particular bonus. They directly depend on what is made out in the form of benefits.
  2. Write a statement on the desire to receive state support.
  3. Submit your request to the registration authority.
  4. Wait for a response from the reviewing organization.

Usually the bulk of bonuses from the state are provided without an answer. That is, after the citizen submits an application of the appropriate form, you can wait for the provision of benefits in varying degrees.

Work and Benefits

What are the privileges of an excellent student of the Soviet Army inRussia? The answer to this question will not cause any difficulties. It is enough to get the title "Veteran of Labor". This is best done when accompanied by an experienced lawyer.

And can retired pensioners work? Or, when conducting work, state bonuses are selected? In Russia, all retired pensioners are still able to work peacefully and receive all the support they are entitled to. This is quite normal phenomenon. Moreover, the employer must give an additional unpaid leave to the working pensioner.

What are the benefits of an excellent student of the Soviet Army?


From now on it is clear what privileges are laid in Russiaan excellent student of the Soviet Army. It is recommended to specify their exact list in advance. He, as was said above, directly depends on the region of residence of the citizen.

The main thing to remember is that the honors of the Soviet Army topensions should have a certain length of service. After this, the title "Veteran of Labor" is received, and only then can you hope for the above-mentioned state support. Otherwise, the citizen will be able to apply for general pension benefits, for example, on disability. But it is for the sign "Excellent Army of the Soviet Army" that there are no bonuses in Russia.

In reality, everything is simpler than it seems. If you turn to an experienced lawyer, then without any problems you will be able to understand what are the privileges of an excellent student of the Soviet Army and how to arrange them.

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