What does the criminal investigation officer do?


What are the employees of law enforcement agenciesand the criminal-executive system of Russia, as a whole is understandable. Their main task is to control the level of crime and investigate various incidents. But what the criminal investigation officer does is not clear to many ordinary citizens of our country. So what kind of profession and what are the duties of this specialist?

Criminal Investigator

Where does the detective work?

In the legislation of our country it is written thata representative of this profession must carry out operational-search activity within the framework of existing laws. It is important to understand that there is not only the position of an "operative criminal investigation officer". Experts of this qualification are in demand in many ministries and departments. Of course, work in each organization has its own specifics, but the general principle of this specialist's actions is one. The operatives have access to all classified materials of completed cases and those that are in the work. There are also different levels of specialists: for example, a junior and a senior detective of criminal investigation. Depending on the place of work of the employee, he may be awarded a military rank - to the captain, major or lieutenant-colonel inclusive.

Job responsibilities

Criminal Investigator of the Criminal Investigation Salary
The main function of this specialist is to collectinformation. An operative criminal investigation officer conducts interviews with victims and witnesses, as well as interrogations of suspects. Representatives of this profession inspect the scene of incidents, collect physical evidence and conduct their subsequent research. If necessary, the detective can examine the documents, make inquiries about the interested person, and also monitor personal correspondence, phone calls and carry out personal surveillance. In some cases, rapid implementation and conduct of investigative experiments are required. The basis for all these activities is the initiation of a criminal case.

How to get this position?

Senior detective of criminal investigation
Work in government bodies is prestigious. It is important to understand that the criminal investigation officer is a profession associated with regular physical and mental overloads. In addition, there is a real danger, it is not uncommon for employees of state structures to be threatened. If you study vacancies in the specialty, it is easy to see that a mandatory condition for applicants is the passage of service in the army and higher legal education. Active staff manages to quickly move up the career ladder. Is the work of specialists of this profile paid well? Is the "criminal investigation officer" an interesting profession? Salary depends more on the region of employment. For the Moscow region and the capital, the lower limit is 40-45 thousand rubles a month. In the regions, employees of this qualification often get 10-15 thousand less. As for professional romance, interesting things do come across. But there are a lot of routines in the criminal investigation. This profession will suit those who are not afraid of risk and possible difficulties and are ready to devote their lives to fighting criminals.

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