Benefits veteran of the Sverdlovsk region. What are the benefits for Sverdlovsk veterans?


Today we will be interested in the benefits of a veteranlabor of the Sverdlovsk region. What can this category of citizens expect? In what spheres of life are people given state bonuses? Who is able to acquire the title? And how to properly arrange benefits? The answers to all these questions and not only will be necessarily found below. In fact, everything is much easier than it seems.

Benefits veteran of labor Sverdlovsk region

Who are they?

The first thing we will try to understand is who is called veterans of labor in the Sverdlovsk region. After all, not all citizens have a similar status.

It can be obtained if:

  • a person started working as a child in the times of the Second World War;
  • the recipient has at least 40 years of service (male) or at least 35 years (women);
  • if there are awards and medals for labor activity under the USSR or the Russian Federation.

In other cases, claim the aforementionedstatus will not work. It can be issued upon retirement or in advance. Receipt of an appropriate certificate takes place in the bodies of social protection of the population.

Medical service

The benefits of a veteran of the Sverdlovsk region are offered in many spheres of life. The bulk of them are given to retired veterans. This must be taken into account first.

Among the benefits are the provision of services in all public clinics free of charge. At the same time, citizens can be observed free of charge in hospitals where they were registered during the service or during the war years.

veterans of labor Sverdlovsk region what are the benefits

Benefits veteran of the Sverdlovsk regionprovide for the maintenance of this category of citizens without a queue. With a benefit recipient must have a proof of his special position, otherwise he will have to reconcile himself with servicing on general grounds.

About dentures

What are the benefits to veterans of Sverdlovsk Oblast?laid in 2017? State bonuses are constantly changing. But we can say with certainty that all veteran laborers have the right to free prostheses and orthopedic products (including).

A distinctive feature of the Sverdlovsk regionis that veterans of labor here offer free services for dental prosthetics. This service is not available in all public clinics, but it does exist. Therefore, before the treatment of teeth it is necessary to clarify the availability of this benefit from the attending physician.

Housing and Housing

A veteran of the Sverdlovsk region can claim various state bonuses. Do not forget about the housing sector. There are many benefits offered to the studied category of citizens.

For example, you can get a "roof overhead "allocated by the state.If a person stood in line until 2005, then the apartment is given the ownership, otherwise it will be necessary to live in the provided housing under the contract of social hiring.

What are the benefits for Sverdlovsk veterans?Among them, there are discounts for utilities. The mentioned group of people has the right to them - from 50% to utility services. The same privilege is granted to all members of the family who live together with the veteran. In some cases, exempts can be completely exempted from bills for "communal".

veteran of labor of Sverdlovsk region

In addition, among the special public servicesallocate assistance in gasification and supply of water to the house. Do not forget that beneficiaries-veterans have the right to install a home phone for free and out of turn. For its use, compensation is set, the amount of which is about 300 rubles.

Work and veterans

Some veterans in Russia are successfully continuingthe conduct of work even after the registration of the status of a pensioner. These employees are given special bonuses from the employer under the current legislation.

Benefits veteran of the Sverdlovsk regioninclude an additional opportunity to get time to rest, in other words, leave. At the same time, its maximum term can not exceed 35 days a year. Vacation is not paid.

Also, a working privileged worker has the right to rest from work at any time convenient for him. The employer can not prevent this. Leave is made when the employee wants it.

If you need to undergo retraining or get a qualification, the veteran will be trained free of charge or at the employer's expense. This is quite normal and legitimate phenomenon.

Getting an education

In addition, the training of veterans in Russia is also free. The studied population has the right to admission to universities and technical schools outside the general competition. At the same time, the training will be free of charge.

After enrolling in an educational institution, the veteran will have exactly the same rights as other students. For example, they can receive awards and scholarships.


What are the benefits for Sverdlovsk veterans? A huge role is played by tax bonuses. They greatly facilitate the life of the population.

Retired veterans can apply for:

  • exemption from personal income tax;
  • deduction for personal income tax equal to 500 rubles;
  • disposal of property taxes;
  • deduction in the calculation of land tax;
  • exemption or discounts on transport taxes.

More precise information will be provided to the Federal Tax Service.As a rule, veterans can be completely exempt from property and transport taxes. But for the land will have to pay, albeit with a deduction of the tax base of 10 000 rubles. All tax bonuses are processed through the Federal Tax Service.

Sverdlovsk veterans defended the right to double benefits in court


Benefits veteran of labor in the Sverdlovsk region provide material support. First, the pensioner is entitled to a pension. For veterans, it averages about 13,000 rubles a month.

Second, with a pension below the cost of livingminimum, the citizen has the right to a surcharge. It will depend on how much is not enough to the minimum amount necessary to ensure the life of the recipient. The subsistence minimum of the region will be taken into account in this or that period.

Thirdly, veterans of labor in the Sverdlovsk region can claim an additional payment of 600 rubles. For registration it is necessary to apply to the FIU.


In 2017, a very controversial privilege remains behind the layer of the population that we are considering. It is about providing free transportation on public transport.

Veterans can ride free on all city vehicles except for minibuses and taxis.

Also, the above-mentioned section of the population receives discounts of 50% on air and railway tickets. You can even buy them on pre-order.

Double benefits

Sverdlovsk veterans defended the right todouble benefits. This news came back in 2009, when the disabled workers were excluded from the regional exempts. Previously, they were offered compensation from the regional budget of about 275 rubles and standard payments of 600 rubles. Then they left only the Federal payment. In addition, disabled people have been deprived of the right to free use of public vehicles.

what privileges are put to Sverdlovsk veterans

But soon the veterans appealed to the court. The judiciary has restored double benefits for this category of citizens on the grounds that the previously adopted decision infringes on the rights of people and persons with disabilities.

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