Since how many years you can draw a sim card: tips and tricks


Mobile communication is an important area of ​​lifepractically every citizen. But in order to use it, you need to purchase a separate number. The one that other subscribers will need to call. That's why many adolescents are interested in how many years you can make a sim card. As practice shows, the phone number usually stays with a person for a long time. And his change without an emergency brings a lot of problems. If you need to restore the SIM-card or block it permanently, you will have to do it directly to the owner of the number. More precisely, to the one with whom Simka is framed. Therefore, more and more often people in Russia are thinking about how to buy a number from a mobile operator during adolescence. And from what age in general it is allowed to issue SIM-cards for a person. What answers can you hear?

with how many years you can make a sim card

After receiving the passport

I wonder how many years you can make outsim card on yourself? To understand the question, it is necessary to turn to the requirements of cellular operators. They need passport data to enter into a contract for the provision of their communication services. Without them, the acquisition of numbers is impossible.

In Russia, a passport is issued for the first time after 14 years. That's why many, wondering at what age it is allowed to make out a SIM card, indicate the age mentioned. In other words, there is a passport - you can buy a SIM card.

Special requirements

Nevertheless, at 14 the citizen is still a child. And for him the responsibility is borne by the parents. Often, mobile operators allow the purchase of SIM cards by children who already have a passport. But with special requirements.

The first is the presence of one of the parents inthe time of conclusion of the contract. The legal representative will inform the seller that the child can actually make out the number. After that, a contract will be concluded.

Second - the written consent of the parents to the transaction. How many years can I make a SIM card? From 14, if the mother or father in writing allowed the child to do so.

In any case, for more accurate information it is better to contact a specific operator. But there is one more opinion. It acts most often in Russia.

from what age it is allowed to make a sim card


The thing is that most deals in the countryare only available to adults. Therefore, if a person thinks about how many years it is possible to issue a SIM card in his name, most likely he will be told that having a passport is not enough. Another requirement put forward by the majority of operators is the achievement of full legal capacity.

This means that the purchase is only available after 18years. Or from 16, if the citizen was declared fully capable (for example, emancipated) ahead of schedule. This rule is followed by the majority of cellular operators in Russia.

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