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The notion of "management" implies a functioncomplex organized subsystems in any sense, ensuring the stability of their structure, the stability of the mode of operation intended for the implementation of program objectives. Objects of power are things, phenomena, heterogeneous processes, all people, and the subject will always be a person or a collective. State and municipal government is the driving force behind the implementation of political intentions.

state and municipal government is

In modern political conditions in the systemthe distribution of public affairs are divided into three constituent versions of the social system: public, municipal, state. Let's consider them in detail.

  1. Public administration is performed internally and inboundaries of associations of citizens through the governing bodies, which are created by them on the basis of the principles of self-government, with the application of local legal regulation. It is supplemented by a territorial administrative structure, clearly defined by law and associated with the mandatory registration of associations, constant supervision and monitoring of their activities.

  2. Municipal management is a kind of localself-government. It acts as the public authority closest to the population and protects the interests of citizens who depend on cohabitation on a common territory.

  3. Public administration is the mainscope and application of established norms of administrative law. It acts as a form of realizing the advantages of the authorities and with the help of state bodies, officials in the entire social system. In the narrow sense, this term is understood only one unique type of activity associated with the implementation of executive power as one of the necessary branches. In a broad sense, the combination of "state municipal government" refers to the activities of the administrative bodies of the country in all branches of government.

municipal government is
All the activities of the state can be placed in three groups relative to their place in the system of realization of power, quality of content and forms of expression.

  1. Ordinary consolidated forms are commonly calledbranches of state power. The internal work of the organs of each branch is complex and consists of several forms. State and municipal management is the activity of representative bodies, for which the legislative branch is the main (determining) branch.

  2. Specific specialized forms flow from threebranches of the political system. State and municipal management is a function of the government apparatus, implemented by the prosecutor's office, the functioning of the Accounting Chamber, the work of the Ombudsman, the bodies of the Central Election Commission and other institutions.

  3. Functional forms contain specific functions of law enforcement and other public bodies that carry out investigation, operative-investigative legal activity.

state municipal administration
State and municipal government isa factor that plays an important role in studying the work of the state structure, together with methods of monitoring them, various private methods, studying documents, statistical figures, reports, and media reports.

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