Registration of purchase and sale of land: order and rules


The property right is one of the fundamental,it is enshrined in the Constitution of our country. The relevant laws determine the procedure for ownership, acquisition, transfer and other actions with real estate and land. Documentation of the purchase and sale of land is a prerequisite for entering into the ownership and confirmation of one's rights.

Country building in our countrybecomes more and more large. To build a house you need a land plot, which you can get into possession in different ways. Each resident, according to the legislation of our country, has the right to receive a site from the state. However, their location can rarely suit even the most unpredictable competitor. Another option - the acquisition, offers a lot - and from individuals and organizations.

registration of the purchase of land

The procedure for conducting such transactions is definedThe Land Code. He also provides a list of necessary documents. The main legal act is a contract of land acquisition certified by a notary public. The profile ministry developed the form of this document. A typical contract for the sale of land can be found on the Internet on specialized sites or in any notary's office.

Procedure for conducting transactions with land

Algorithm of the buyer's actions is approximately the following: search and selection of an object that meets certain requirements, verification of legal purity, valuation, drafting and signing of a contract and its registration by an authorized body. As can be seen from the scheme, the registration of the purchase and sale of land is one of the most important stages of this process.

standard contract of sale of land

The contract is developed by a notary on the basis ofdocuments provided to him. Then it is passed on to the parties for examination and study. Errors, inaccuracies and corrections are unacceptable, because they can lead to difficulties in registering rights to the site. Practice shows that attracting professional lawyers to solve such problems is justified and allows to avoid problems in the future.

List of documents for registration of the contract

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary first of alldetermine the ownership of the acquired site. As a confirming document, a corresponding certificate, a state certificate, a gift contract and the like can be presented. In case of representation of the owner's interests by third parties, a power of attorney is issued. All documents for the purchase and sale of land are transferred to the notary.

The identity of the buyer and seller is established bypassports or documents that replace them. Determining the estimated value of the site is made by the relevant specialists. They prepare an act specifying the price at which the state fee is calculated. Registration of the purchase and sale of land is carried out with the personal participation of the parties or their representatives.

The procedure for signing a contract and certificate

Transactions with land or real estateThey are subject to registration at the notary at the place of their location. You can find out the address of the office in the regional department of the Ministry of Justice. When carrying out the procedure for signing documents, the notary establishes the identity of the seller and the buyer and their legal capacity. The contract shall be read aloud, and, if necessary, an explanation of its provisions shall be made.

documents for the purchase of land

Parties then put their signatures, themost confirming their intentions to complete the transaction. The order of signing is determined by the following: first the seller, and then the buyer. The certificate of the contract is made by a notary, with the registration of the corresponding record on the document and the application of the stamp seal. The journal records the action taken.

The contract is drawn up and signed in twocopies, they are transferred to the hands of the parties - the seller and, accordingly, the buyer. In cases of a notary office, a photocopy certified by him remains. Information on the transaction is entered in the state register, which serves as a base for inspecting the status of the site.

Timely and legally competent registration of the purchase and sale of land is a confirmation of your rights and guarantee of inviolability of property.

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