The concept of national security of the Russian Federation: the content and structure


The emergence of Russia as a statedemocratic, legal and federal, entailed many changes in politics, society and other spheres. It took a complete reassessment of the country's interests in the new conditions, its participation in the market economy and other processes taking place in the world.

national security concept
The existence of both the state and its citizensis in our days under the influence of a wide range of threats. It was in this connection that the Concept of National Security of the Russian Federation was approved in December 1997. In January 2000, it was edited by the President of the country. This document reflects the strategic tasks and priorities that politicians face and guide their actions regarding the security of the nation, both from internal threats and from external ones.

Document structure

The concept of national security of the Russian Federation includes four sections:

The first of them characterizes the position of Russia inthe place it will occupy after the era of bi-polar confrontation is over. It also indicates the prevailing trends in the world, the focus, first of all, on the unification of countries on many issues, on strengthening their political and economic positions. It is in this part of the document that one develops its own position regarding the creation of such international relations, in which the countries of the West will dominate, while the United States remains the leader.

the concept of national security of the Russian Federation
This structure is designed to solve the problems arising inThe world of problems is predominantly military, and official legal norms are supposed to be bypassed. Of course, Russia will not remain aloof. On most security issues, its interests coincide with the interests of other states.

The second section defines the interests of Russiaas a nation. They are based on long-term goals and objectives of public policy. The concept of the national security of the RF specifies the content of these interests, limiting them to the following spheres: information, economic, social, internal political, military, international, environmental and border.

The third section lists threats,Emerging before the country, and those spheres of life, to which they subsequently influence. Most of them first affect social life: society sharply splits into the poor and the rich, unemployment grows. The concept of the national security of the Russian Federation emphasizes the deterioration of the ecological situation, the depletion of biological resources. The situation is conditioned by the constant development of industry and the absence of laws that determine the use of technologies that conserve resources.

concept of national security of russia
Such moments as lack of supervision by the state, ineffective economic and legal mechanisms, are characteristic not only for the environment, but for other spheres of life.

In the fourth section, the Concept of National Security of the Russian Federation determines the specific tasks that politicians face:

- the need to forecast possible threats in time and identify them;

- formation of friendly relations between all nations;

- change of legislation;

- improvement of the work of local self-government, etc.

The work of the subsystems to ensure the security of the country

The Concept of National Security of Russiais formed on the basis of an analysis of the problems that occur during a certain period. Therefore, the creation of this document requires a very painstaking work of state information centers and non-state subsystems that ensure the country's security. The set of measures taken in this direction should be supported not only by the state, but also by the people.

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