Land of human settlements: concept and composition


In the Russian Federation, there are the following types of land ownership.

  1. Federal State Property.
  2. Ownership of the subjects of the federal treaty (autonomous republics, Moscow, etc.).
  3. Municipal property (cities, towns).
  4. Private or personal property.

land of settlements
These lands are municipal property. By definition, these are the places of the main residence of the population, where villages, towns, villages, various real estate objects are located. To the lands of settlements belong all the lands that are located within the boundaries of the city, the features of the village, etc.

If we consider the question of the belonging of these or those lands to the category of "land of settlements" in more detail, we can distinguish the following types:

  1. territories in common use;
  2. land development (settlement and urban);
  3. agricultural grounds;
  4. lands under forest stands;
  5. territories occupied by various enterprises (industrial, transport, etc.);
  6. reserve lands;
  7. reserves and other natural territories;
  8. zones located near the ponds.

types of land ownership
According to the legislation, the border of the populatedparagraph can be established only on the basis of approved urban planning documents. In addition, the definition of land in populated areas includes sections of suburban areas. These include the territories that make up a single economic, social or natural zone with the city or village.

The purpose of the land plot is fixeddocumented. For example, on the ground it is possible to build a house in two cases - if it is given under the private household plots (private subsidiary farming) or it is land for individual housing construction. However, there is practically no difference between the two categories. The only difference is that if you want to register in a house built on the land of LPH, you will have to act through the court.

The use of land falling under the categorylands of settlements, is also regulated by law. For example, the construction of garages, sheds, storerooms, etc. is not allowed on the territories of the settlement and city buildings. in the event that they in some way infringe upon the interests of people living nearby. Lands in common use (areas, streets, parks, forest parks, etc.) are under the jurisdiction of the administration of the city or village. However, sometimes they can be transferred on loan for temporary use to legal entities. The only exceptions are the roads and the irrigation network.

land plot designation
When using industrial landcan also have their own nuances. For example, when submitting an application for the withdrawal of a site, a list of all future buildings and structures should be indicated. In the event that, after the site is received, the construction of additional premises will be planned, this will require a separate permit.

So, you can use the land of settlementsfor a variety of purposes - for construction, for agricultural land, etc. In addition to the general concept, the law regulates the use of such lands. In this case, the permission to use the site for various purposes is issued most often by the municipality.

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