How many years can I take to the rights in Russia?


The driver's license is an attributeprestige and independence. All the boys dream of driving and driving a race with the wind. The question is only how long can you take to the rights?

how many years can I take on the rights
Study in a driving school

According to the legislation, to begin training indriving school can be from 16 years. Upon termination of this educational institution it is possible to pass examinations on reception of the right of management of a car in the state automobile inspection, but to receive the document all the same it will be possible only in 18 years.

If we talk about driving a car, then take a seatfor the wheel is also permitted from the age of 16, but under certain mandatory conditions. First, if there is a tutor who has a driving experience of at least five years. Secondly, it is forbidden to travel to motorways and highways, as well as to roads with increased traffic flow.

Terms of training

driver's license training
How much should I study for the rights?The term of training is two months, but due to the fact that the traffic situation deteriorates every year and the number of young drivers that constantly violate the rules increases, it is planned to increase this duration to six months and introduce additional restrictions. They will concern the establishment of the lower age threshold, which allows you to obtain rights of a certain category. Such measures are planned to ensure the safety of traffic on the roads, exclude cases of "frenzy" and violations of ignorance of the rules. The question "how many years you can take on the rights of different categories" is still open for consideration and subsequent changes.

Special cases

Driver's license for mopeds andscooters are not required. Even children who have reached the age of 14 have the right to operate a two-wheeled vehicle whose engine capacity does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters.

If we talk about how many years you can take on the rights to a motorcycle, then the legal age is equal to the age at which you can get a driving license category "B".

how much to learn from the rights
Control of motoblock and otheragricultural machinery with a small engine capacity also does not require mandatory availability of a driving license. This category does not include tractors. To manage them, it is necessary to certify a tractor driver, the receipt of which is conditioned by the training and passing of examinations.

Unfortunately, with the development of corruption of manyceases to worry, with how many years you can take on the rights. Such a category of people simply buy them at the age when they want it. It is not uncommon for drivers to simply present themselves as a gift for the age of majority of a child. Such a system stimulates the development of a variety of emergency situations on the roads, as well as ignorant relationships between the participants of the movement.

It is important that (except for driving school teachers) andparents also told their children about the rules of the road, especially about precautions when driving a vehicle. Joint efforts of experienced drivers and traffic police services can significantly reduce road deaths.

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