Adjust the volume: how much can you make noise in the apartment?


More and more people do not normally repairare limited to installing soundproof windows and entrance doors to their homes. The arrangement of isolation from noise along the walls of an apartment bordering on neighboring apartments is a perfectly normal solution, which can be explained from a practical point of view. After all, not all tenants of apartment buildings know how much noise can be made in the apartment and when this should not be done.

The letter of the law: when you can at full volume?

How long can you make noise in the apartment?
Perhaps you will be surprised, but a separate law,regulating the sounds issued by citizens at night, does exist. Exact "hours of night silence" are set by regional governors. For the capital of the night - it's time from 22.00 to 6.00, but St. Petersburg can boast of silence from 23.00 to 7.00. In order to find out how much you can make noise in the apartment, you need to carefully study the laws of the region.

But what can be considered noise? The law states that at night it is forbidden to exceed the loudness of 42 dB. This prescription applies to any sound reproducing devices, equipment that makes sounds during work, people and animals. But how, without the use of instruments, to determine for themselves a sound threshold of 40 dB? This is a moderate somewhat muffled human speech, the sound of a washing machine or computer.

How far can you make noise in the apartment and what punishment will follow the noise at the wrong time?

With how much you can make noise in the apartment
For violations of the "quiet" law is supposedadministrative punishment in the form of a fine. At the first attraction it can make up to 1 thousand rubles inclusive. All repeated violations will cost more - up to 3 thousand rubles. In exceptional cases, it is possible to take into custody for up to 15 days. For the most serious violators of peace there is a prospect of eviction in court.

All these penalties are applied not only tothose who do not know how long you can make noise in the apartment and like to loudly behave at night. Back in April 2012, there was an "explanation" to the law on silence. According to this document, the noise produced by residents of apartment buildings should be assessed not only by decibels, but also by the comfort of neighbors. And if this amendment is understandable and justified, how much can you make noise in the apartment by "clarification"? There are no established time limits, but all persons living in the neighborhood should not be uncomfortable either. In other words, if one tenant of a high-rise building chooses to listen to music loudly after dinner, and his neighbors at this time decide to put the child to bed, though on the side of those to whom the sound interferes.

How long can you make noise in the apartment?
What do those who regularly experienceinconvenience because of others who do not know how much noise can be made in the apartment? The reason for calling the district police officer is even the noise that you do not like during the day. In case of violations of the law on night silence, you can call the duty department. If one of the tenants of the apartment building regularly violates public rest, think about the collective appeal to the police with other tenants at home or the porch. It will not be superfluous to express their claims personally to a neighbor. Try to calmly and reasonably say that at night you sometimes would like to get enough sleep, and try to find a compromise.

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