How do I know if I will be released abroad?


In our time everyone has a wonderfulthe ability to travel. If you want and a financial opportunity, you can visit any country in the world. The old times, when it was impossible to cross the border without a special, often official, need, have passed, and now we have the exclusive right to do what we want. But the question immediately arises as to how to find out whether they will let me go abroad. And now the fun begins. How can you check whether they will be released abroad?

how to find out whether I will be released abroad

As you know, Russians often givepreference for overseas resorts. And it's not surprising, because each of us wants to change the situation and plunge into the whirlpool of joy and fun. But still, any departure abroad is possible only in the absence of large debts to the state. That is why before the trip you need to pay off loans and alimony, if any. The maximum amount of debt, according to the law of the Russian Federation, can be 10,000 rubles, if your debt is more, you will have to pay it off or stay at home. Foreigners will also not be released and those who are under investigation. If you have not ever paid any fine or fines for a total amount of more than 10 thousand rubles, this too can be the reason for refusing to leave.

check whether they will be released abroad

Perhaps you forgot about some of your debts. And you are wondering how to find out whether they will let me go abroad? And it's not difficult to do this. You need to apply to any local department of the Federal Bailiff Service and, by presenting identity documents, to obtain the information that interests you. The presence of fines can also be checked on the FSSP website, and you can find out whether there is any tax arrears on the FTS website. It will only be necessary to enter your details and TIN, and the site will give you all the necessary information about fines and debts. If you do not have one, you can collect documents for traveling abroad. If you have debts, you need to pay them as soon as possible, as an unpleasant surprise can be expected on the border. Even the presence of arrears on the rent, because of which the case was initiated on you, can cause a refusal to cross the border. The mere fact of the court sitting on your case, even without your presence, at which any decision was made against you, can close your way abroad for a long time. The bailiffs will give information about you to the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation, and they will bring you to their blacklist in the database. You can not only not be released abroad, but even denied the design of the passport. Possessing information on how to find out whether I will be released abroad, you can prevent such problems.

If suddenly you found your name on the blacklistsdebtors on any site, you can safely apply to the court, as this information is strictly confidential and can not be disclosed. Are you sure that you do not owe anything to anyone? Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the FSSP and making sure of this in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

documents for traveling abroad

If you still care about the question "how to find out whether they will let me go abroad," do these simple steps, and you will save yourself from many problems and unpleasant situations. Good luck to you!

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