Internal troops. Ukraine: MIA troops


Internal forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - militaryformation with law enforcement functions, which is designed to protect the health, life, freedoms, rights and interests of citizens, the constitutional order, sovereignty and security of the country from criminal and other unlawful actions.


The development of the army and law enforcement system isan integral part of the history of the state as a whole. The birth of the troops of law and order - the prince's squads - began in ancient times of Kievan Rus, now it is internal troops. Ukraine is the very country that, from the first years of its existence, had to defend itself against raids by enemy tribes, later on from neighboring empires. Due to this peculiarity, Ukrainians were in dire need of new ways of fighting for their independence.

XVI-XVIII century went down in history as a periodthe formation of the Sich and register Cossacks. Cossacks are people who are a worthy example of patriotism and a desire to protect their Motherland. They united in regiments, hundreds and tens. The judicial authority and the register army were headed by the hetman.

Internal Troops Ukraine

In the beginning and the middle of the XIX century PravoberezhnayaUkraine was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and left-bank - in the Russian. Ferdinand established the National Guard, and Alexander I - the internal guard. Both armies wore the same series of duties for unconditional fulfillment, as did modern internal troops. Ukraine, since 1864, again experienced a reformation in the military industry.

For many centuries, the country has fought forhis independence, and in 1991 all the works were duly rewarded. On 4 November 1991, the Law on the National Guard was adopted. In 1994, the Ministry of Internal Troops of Ukraine was replenished with new military units of special purpose for rapid adjustment of emergency situations. Since 1996 the Ministry of Interior has been responsible for the protection and defense of important state facilities. In 1999 (until 2014), NSU units entered the internal troops. Ukraine today has a fairly large historical experience, patriotism and strength to protect its territories.

National Guard of Ukraine

In 2014, it was decided to re-createunits with law enforcement functions. First of all, these actions are directly related to the war in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which is sponsored from the outside.

On April 6 of the same year the first battalion of NSU,consisting of 500 guardsmen, took the oath. Until September, four more units were formed, whose personal composition is armed with small arms, mortars and armored vehicles.

Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Composition of NSU:

● The first operational team;

● the twenty-second separate brigade guarding consular offices and diplomatic missions of foreign states;

● regiments of special purpose "Azov", "Cheetah" and "Jaguar";

● battalions of special purpose named after General Kulchitsky and "Donbass";

● Detachments of special purpose to combat terrorism "Bars" and "Omega";

● Four other battalions, one of which is in the formation stage;

● Squadron of flying unmanned vehicles.

For 2015 the number of soldiers in the NSU is 250 thousand people. In connection with the war in the east of the country, the composition of internal troops increases every week.

Structure of the National Guard of Ukraine

● General military administration.

● Operational-territorial groups.

● Other units, units, military units and institutions that are not part of operational territorial groups.

Academy of Internal Troops of Ukraine

The National Guard consists of:

● combat support (engineering, radiation, biological and chemical protection);

● tank and artillery units;

● Air Defense Parts.

From 1931 to the present time in the city of Kharkovthere is the Academy of Internal Troops of Ukraine. June 4, 2014 decree and. about. President of Ukraine A. Turchinov, the name of the university was renamed the Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine. Also in the city of Zolochev there is a training center of NSU.


There is a fairly large amount of equipment,which are possessed by internal troops. Ukraine, both in the times of the USSR and in conditions of independence, is a reliable and advanced developer in the field of aviation, armored vehicles, automotive and anti-tank missile systems.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

The main types of equipment that are in the arsenal of the country:

● An-72V, An-74 and An-26 transport planes (manufactured in Ukraine);

● landing helicopter Mi-8 (USSR);

● BTR-4, BTR-3E, BTR-80, BTR-70 and BTR-60 (Ukraine);

● armored vehicles "Fortress on Wheels", "Dozor-B", BBM "Kazak-2", "Bars-6" and "Bars-8" (Ukraine);

● KrAZ trucks "Cobra", "Cougar" and "Spartan" (Ukraine, Canada);

● trucks with increased cross-country capacity KrAZ-5233 Spetsnaz and Great Wall Haval H3 (Ukraine, China);

● BAZ T1618 (Ukraine, India);

● Isuzu NQR (Japan);

● anti-tank guided missiles ATGM Skif and Barrier (Ukraine, Belarus).

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