Question of the month: how many years are they summoning to the army?


For any young person is very relevant andThe question of passing urgent military service is exciting. Opinions on this subject are very different from each other. Some believe that the service makes a man out of the child, while others give their arguments in favor of the fact that people in the army waste time in vain, become degraded and become "rough, uncouth muzhiks." But, of course, everyone and everyone cares about the question of how many years are called up for the army.

Until how many years are drafted into the army
It should be noted that this topic is to a greater extentinterests women. It is mothers worry about their children, even more than they themselves. "Firewood in the fire" is added to the secular chronicle and television programs, which inform the population of accidents, elements of "hazing" and other negativity in the armed forces. Because of this, telephone lines of legal agencies are simply heated with questions about how many years are called into the army. In Russia, the appeal is carried out until the age of 27 - this is the response of consultants and specialists in this topic.


Until so many years are called up for military service in Russia
There are several reasons whya person has a legal right to a deferment from military service. The first reason is higher education. In this case, the conscript is not subject to military service during the training period. But how many years? The call to the army is carried out everywhere, and as a result, companies are formed from completely different people (to someone 18, and to someone - 27 years). They differ not only in their place of residence, but also in their worldview, political and religious beliefs.

The question of how many yearsit is better to go into the army. If you choose this path right after you graduate from school, then you get the opportunity to get under bad influence. And in the case when the person has not yet formed to the end, it can undergo changes for the worse.

On the other hand, if you go to the army afterhigher education, the system will derive its cruelty, illogicality and inadequacy (seeming or real). It will be very difficult to obey sergeants who are younger in age, especially when their orders seem foolish. Therefore, many are trying to officially study so many, how many years are called up for the army.

Army and family

How many years of conscription in the army
It is easy to guess that for people of families especiallyThe question is acute as to how many years are called into the army. At the birth of the first child, a respite is granted for three years, but after this period the man again becomes a military liable. It is much more difficult to go into the army when you have a child and a wife who need your support, help and love!

For a child (especially in the first years of life) verythe presence of the father is important. Undoubtedly, a man will be released to his family during military service, but this will not happen more than once a week (usually on a weekend). Thus, it is important for the whole family to answer the question of how many years are called into the army, as well as about what opportunities there are not to go.

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