The flag of Mozambique: why is there a Kalashnikov rifle on it?


The article tells about the flag of Mozambique: that it depicts which of our compatriots indirectly participated in the creation of its symbols.


Once upon a time, the symbols of states played a hugerole, especially the great importance they were given in the Middle Ages. For example, for some baron, knight or even commoner, to understand the meaning of the arms and standards was not more difficult than to distinguish the general from the lieutenant in our time. It was caused not only by curiosity, but also by necessity, sometimes vitally important.

Since then, many centuries have passed, the world map more than oncechanged, and now the symbols of all states know, probably, only the fanatics of vexillology (the science of coats of arms and flags). However, to this day there are very interesting samples, and one of them is the flag of Mozambique.

The tool of labor and war

flag of Mozambique

Apparently, besides the book (the symbol of knowledge andenlightenment) hoes (a symbol of economy and labor), the flag of this African power depicts the Kalashnikov assault rifle. A somewhat unusual choice of symbol. To explain, you need to make a short digression into the story.

Fedor Kalashnikov and the flag of Mozambique

In the late forties and early fiftiesthe army of the Soviet Union decided to rearm the soldiers with new personal small arms. And in place of such symbols of victory, as the PPSh and Mosin's rifle, came the automaton of the design of Fedor Kalashnikov. He was noted for his great reliability, accuracy of battle, power and cheapness, which is important, because they had to arm the whole huge army. And a little later began his victorious procession around the world. Many countries wanted to have this machine in their arsenal, and the USSR began selling AK or licenses for its production to a number of states. And mostly communist countries fighting for independence. So where does the flag of Mozambique come from?

As it is now, decades ago, the Africanthe continent was torn from a huge number of wars, clashes and constant armed coups and, of course, everyone needed a lot of weapons. And the situation was aggravated by the fact that the production base was extremely meager, and I had to buy it. The choice fell on AK, and it was with him that Mozambique won its independence. And in 1975 he placed these weapons on the national flag. So now you know why the Kalashnikov rifle is depicted on the flag of Mozambique.

The rest of the world

on the flag of Mozambique there is a Kalashnikov assault rifle

In addition to Africa, AK can be found in almost anycorner of our planet. North Korea, China, Latin American and Arab countries, the territory of the former USSR - and this is not a complete list of powers, where this machine is armed.

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