System of state organs


The state regulates social relationsthrough state bodies vested with power, carrying out their activities in accordance with the law. Each of them performs strictly defined functions. And in their totality they form an organized, orderly and integrated system.

What is the state body and the system of state organs?

The concept of the state body is formed on the basis of a numbersigns. This is a body that is created on the basis of legal norms, has the power of authority, fulfills the tasks assigned by the state, and is an integral part of the system.

The system of organs in the state is a collectioninterrelated bodies interacting with each other in the exercise of state power. All of them are fixed in the Constitution and other legislative acts. In the Russian Federation, there are legislative, judicial and executive bodies.

President of Russia, Central Bank, Centralthe election commission and the prosecutor's office occupy a special place and do not belong to any of the branches of power. The president is the head of state with broad powers and ensuring coordinated functioning of state bodies.

The system of executive bodies consists ofbodies of special competence (manage separate branches of management) and general competence (they operate in all spheres). The executive power in Russia is exercised by the Russian government, other federal bodies, governments, administrations and other bodies of the subjects of Russia, which must ensure the implementation of laws and other legal acts, and which must be issued in compliance with the Constitution. The government consists of the chairman, deputies, and also federal ministers. One of the most important state bodies is the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, the State Committee for Property Management and others.

The system of bodies in the legislative sphere includesFederal assembly, legislative state bodies of subjects of Russia. The formation of these bodies is carried out through elections, and they are created to express the will of the people and regulate public relations through the adoption of laws and other legal acts of the state. The Federal Assembly includes 2 chambers - the State Duma and the Federation Council.

Judicial system of state bodies in the Russian Federationconsists of the Constitutional, Supreme Arbitration, Supreme Courts, as well as federal courts and subjects of the Russian Federation. They are created for the purpose of administering justice through civil proceedings, as well as administrative, criminal and constitutional.

The Constitutional Court resolves issues,arising in connection with the need to determine the compliance of laws and other legal acts of the Constitution. The Supreme Court is the supreme body for criminal, civil, administrative, other cases that are subject to jurisdiction by the courts of general jurisdiction. Its competence includes the implementation of supervision, giving explanations on issues arising in practice. The highest judicial body in the field of settling economic disputes is the Supreme Arbitration Court, which oversees the arbitration courts. Judges of courts are granted independence, they are subject only to the Constitution and federal laws.

Supervision of compliance with legislationis carried out by the prosecutor's office. It is a single centralized system with subordination to the Prosecutor General and subordinate higher prosecutors. Its competence extends to all branches of state power. The system of the prosecutor's office is necessary for balancing the various branches of power. That is why the prosecutor's office has an independent and independent structure.

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