Barracks - this is what?


The army is needed for every country. The protection of the borders and the defense of its territory has always been the primary task of any state. That the soldiers were strong not only physically, but also morally, they should live in a certain way. It is very important to observe discipline, be independent and follow the instructions clearly. All this can be learned in the barracks, surrounded by teachers and educators. Military affairs require endurance, character and will. In many respects it is the barracks that brings up all these qualities in the soldiers. Barrack is a "school" through which every defender of the Motherland must go. Life in the team gives the best hardening for the male character.

What is a barracks?

A barracks is a building or a building in whichthe personnel of the military units are stationed. The barracks are designed for long living and are fully equipped according to this. The number of people living in the barracks is usually less than a company.

barracks is

Barracks is the place where servicemen conductalmost all the time. The exercises can be conducted on the street or in special rooms, however, the main free time the soldiers spend here. Such buildings are built on a barrack type, that is, with a common bedroom. They have a full life support system so that servicemen can live comfortably here for a long time. Usually one building or a floor (depending on the number of personnel) is occupied by a certain subdivision. Here lives both the junior command staff and ordinary soldiers.

Origin of the word

It would seem that the barracks are a native Russian word,but no, it came to us through Polish from Latin. Also the word occurs in Italian and German. It is translated as "house of arms", "fortified military camp", etc.


It's not easy to live in a barracks - you have to get used to it. Young people can not immediately adapt to the new conditions of life, and yet with time everything is getting better. It is very important to learn how to cooperate and work with the team, to understand that you are one family. The convenience of living in the barracks depends largely on the education of the boy, his routine and lifestyle. If a person has been trained from the childhood to watch for himself, clean, be independent and accurate, then life in such a military room will not bring any particular inconvenience. Accordingly, a person untidy and uncollected will adapt for a long time to strict discipline, the need to service oneself and the ability to compromise.

to live in the barracks

Barracks teach young "chicks" that mostthe main thing is to own yourself and be able to independently manage everything. For a soldier, this is a very important quality, because in the conditions of military operations he will have to take care of himself.


The order in the barracks is quite strict. For a young soldier, it is important to learn that you will still have to follow the rules, so it's better to get used from the very beginning. Such a schedule was not invented in vain, he teaches the soldiers that everything should be done in due time, as they say, "the spoon is the way to dinner." Those who did not know how to organize their time on a "citizen" and led a disorderly life, and the army will not be able to quickly assemble and react in the conditions of war or other extreme situation. It is in front of the emergency service that the basic qualities of a soldier are best instilled.

Barracks, the essence of which is primarily in theeducation of a worthy warrior, lives on a certain schedule. Early recovery is an important condition. The day should begin in the morning, and not from lunch - "who gets up early ...". For those who like to sleep, this point will be most undesirable, but, having got used to the early rise, one can find out how much free time remains at the end of the day and how fruitful this time is for any undertakings. Soldiers wake up on a call, tidy up the bed and dress. Surely many heard that the fighter must fully dress, while the match is burning. After that everyone goes to the building, greet with a scary title. Then follows the charge, breakfast and basic classes, on which the soldier is trained in military art. It can be theoretical disciplines or practical exercises in the open air, in the gym.

Every evening a soldier can take care of his belovedbusiness, walk or just be alone. Due to the tight schedule during the day, fighters do not always have time to communicate and exchange information, so evening time can be spent in the company of like-minded people.

barrack photoes


The history of the barracks dates back to the timesRussian Empire. Then there was a huge complex of everything that the military might need. Also here worked bakers, craftsmen and shoemakers. In a word, the barracks were a very large system. When the question of the regular army became a question, they were built all over the country.

barracks are the essence

To date, barracks are also used. Here live young people who decided to link their lives with military service. Military towns are surrounded by high walls with wire. They are also guarded by exchange guard.


Life in the barracks is impossible without difficulty. Every day a daily outfit is assigned for the defense of the building, as well as routine tasks. Barracks, the photo of which can be seen below, is a beautiful building. If earlier the internal development suffered somewhat, at the moment the barracks are equipped with everything necessary for the military to live in comfortable conditions. It's not about excess, but the most necessary and important must be present in every barracks. Much attention is paid not only to combat training as the main activity, but also to leisure. The soldier must culturally rest and develop as a comprehensive personality. There are many options for spending free time with benefit: music, books, walks, intellectual games, etc. All this is available to every military to choose from. Now is not the middle ages, so the dark barracks will not be a problem for lovers of literature, because in the library you can sit up late.

dark barracks


The rules of the barracks are determined by its internalorder. Each soldier makes a promise to follow the charter, follow orders and live according to the order of the military unit. General provisions of military order include:

  • exact performance of duties;
  • fulfillment of commanders' requirements and complete submission to their orders;
  • active educational work;
  • follow the daily routine and regulations;
  • compliance with the requirements for the safety of buildings and the use of weapons;
  • a clear system of combat training.

The barracks in the army live according to the unofficial laws that the newcomer must fulfill. It's not about hazing, but some respect for senior comrades should still be shown.

barracks in the army

Another important rule is a single militarythe form. You can wear it only according to established rules. For example, those who serve on a contract basis may not wear uniforms in their spare time, and employees on call are required to wear it even in dismissal.

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