From how many years you can walk at night: legislative norms


For today in Russia the concept operates"Night time", which regulates the presence of minors in the prohibited period. Under this law, adolescents can not be at night in public areas without the elder. If this rule is violated, parents are fined. Therefore, many are interested: for how many years can you walk at night? During this period people are allowed to stay only from the age of 18.

how many years can you walk at night

In many countries, such laws apply,when children are forbidden to be at night on the street without adults. This rule is necessary to ensure the normal development of adolescents and reduce crime. It is important to follow the rules, otherwise there is a penalty.

Temporary restrictions

Night is considered the period from 22:00 hours to 06:00. Juveniles can not be at night in public places without adults. This norm was adopted to ensure the safety of children, as many illegal actions are committed during the night. These rights are regulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It also shows how long you can walk at night.

The adopted law makes it possible to reduce crime throughout the country. But, even taking this into account, the regions can change the time limits depending on the situation. Often, such rules apply:

  • up to 16 years old adolescents are allowed to be on the street without adults until 21:00 hours;
  • and children under 18 - until 11:00 pm.

from how many years you can walk at night according to law

How many years can you walk at night by law? This right comes at age 18. Local authorities can officially increase fines, as well as reduce age restrictions. When the corresponding document is issued, the norms become mandatory for all.

The psychological effect of the curfew

Now in each region the authorities controlcompliance with this law. To do this, the police conduct inspections of yards, streets to identify minors after 11 pm. Many parents did not think about how long it is possible to walk at night to children. But with the adoption of the law, the situation began to improve. After all, such walks are associated with danger, as well as with the probability of paying a fine.

However, the adoption of the lawresonance in society, since many citizens considered it a restriction of human rights and freedoms. But not everyone is trying to comply with these rules. So, how many years can you walk at night in Russia? This can only be done by persons who have reached adulthood. The rest of this right is reserved only with the parents. And up to 18 years there are still restrictions.

Law of Belarus

In many other countries, similarrestrictions, only the time frame and the responsibility for violations may differ. Almost everywhere teenagers are forbidden to be alone at night. How many years can you walk at night in Belarus? This is determined by the legislation of the country. Here there is a curfew, according to which persons under 16 can not be at night on the street without adult supervision. Instead of parents can be older relatives and acquaintances.

A responsibility

Not all parents know if children can beto let go at night alone. Even if this is so, and the requirement is not fulfilled, liability is provided. If the child was detained outside the home at a prohibited time, then a fine is imposed.

how many years can you walk at night in Belarus

And you have to pay parents, as wellwhere the minor was. If the law is repeatedly violated, there is an increase in the fine. Each region has the right to impose penalties for non-compliance with the rules for ensuring the normal development of the child in various fields. In this case, a fine is to be collected from:

  • parents or substitute persons;
  • persons responsible for activities with children.

Types of public places

Adolescents are prohibited from appearing after 11:00 in the following places:

  • on the streets, in parks;
  • in schools and kindergartens;
  • in the entrances and on the stairs;
  • on sports grounds;
  • in the Internet cafe;
  • in public transport.

On the basis of this law, subjects can reduce age restrictions, but not more than 2 years.

Rules of the law

The observance of the law is monitored by a patrol dresspolice. Employees should hold the teenager to the house. Even if he did not know, from how many years you can walk at night, a fine is issued. If the child does not speak his address, the phone does not name the information about the parents, then it is delivered to the police station.

how many years can you walk at night in Russia

The place of residence of the child is established on duty. Under the law, a teenager can be in the police station for 3 hours. If the place of residence does not work, the child is transferred to social services.

Law enforcement agencies say that withThe introduction of the law has reduced the number of crimes committed by adolescents. Now not all parents can let the child go for a night walk. This makes it possible to save children from many ill-considered acts. It is important for parents to control the finding of their children. Moreover, compliance with the rule will help to save the family budget.

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