Austrian Visa Application Center in Moscow


Austria is a magnificent country thatfamous for its nature and modern, well-equipped ski resorts. They have long been fond of our compatriots, who with great pleasure spend New Year's holidays here or any other, issued free, a week during the winter. However, in order to enter Austria, it is necessary to issue a Schengen visa, which is quite difficult for newcomers to travel around Europe. They always have a lot of questions about the design of documents. Where is the Austrian Embassy and visa center? Which package of documents should be collected? How much does Schengen cost? How many cities in Russia are Austrian visa centers? In this article we will try to answer all the questions that have been voiced, which will allow you to quickly and easily draw up the necessary paper for vacation trips.

Austrian Visa Application Center

Features of travel to Austria

Since the country is a member of the Schengenagreement, then to rest in it, Russians must issue a visa. However, there are certain nuances with which our compatriots need to get acquainted even before they begin to collect a package of documents.

Quite often travelers, going toEurope, several countries are planning to visit at once. They believe that Schengen gives them the right to be in any state that is part of the Sheng agreement. In part this statement is true, but only partly.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to obtain a visa inthe embassy of the country that will be the main one on your list. This is a very important nuance for the border guards of the European Union. In cases where you can not decide in any way where you will spend most of the time, then make sure to issue a visa to the state that will be the first on your list. For example, if you first want to visit Sweden, and only then Austria, then do not submit documents to the Austrian visa center. At the border you will be stopped, in recent years this moment has been monitored very strictly.

For those who violate established rules, thenit will be rather difficult to obtain a Schengen visa again. Therefore, try to initially take the most responsible approach to preparing your trip, so as not to regret the wasted time and money wasted.

 Austrian Visa Application Center in Moscow

What kind of visa do Russians need to travel to Austria?

Before you go for an Austrian visa in a visacenter, it is necessary to find out which of them will be necessary for you. Austria issues four types of visas, each of which is intended for a specific case:

  • Transit. It will be needed by those who enter the territory of the country by travel and allow foreigners to stay only in a special zone at the airport, awaiting their flight.
  • Transit visa for travel. This document provides for the presence in Austria of up to five days of citizens who are sent through the EU countries to other states that are not related to the Schengen Agreement.
  • Short-term. This option is mostly received by our compatriots, going on a tourist trip. It allows travelers to stay in any EU country for ninety days in six months from the first visit to Austria or any other state.
  • National. This stamp in the foreign passport allows to stay in the country to foreigners for three to six months. At the same time, they get the right to transit by transit in any EU country.

Keep in mind that the extension of the visa at the time of being in the country is impossible. To stay in Austria for a longer period than is stipulated, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit.

Austrian visa visa center

Where can I get a visa?

Many of our compatriots mistakenly believe,that the treasured Schengen can be obtained at the embassy or consulate of the country, where they plan to go on vacation. So it was until the moment when there were not opened numerous service centers engaged in issuing visas to Russian citizens. To date, these institutions have undertaken work with all the volume of documents that were previously sent directly to the embassy of a particular country.

Therefore, those who plan to go toAustrian ski resorts or to see the sights of this country, you need to prepare a package of documents and take them to the Austrian visa service center. On the territory of Russia there are more than seventeen such institutions, so you can always choose the one closest to your place of residence.

Austrian Embassy Visa Center

A few words about visa centers

It is a mistake to believe that the Austrian visa centerIs a branch of the consulate of Austria. In fact, the work with the documents is carried out by a separate certified company, which is authorized to deal only with the receipt of papers and the issuance of ready-made passports. Therefore, it is not necessary to ask the employees of the service centers questions in case of refusal to open the Schengen. They do not have such information, because all decisions are made by the visa department of the embassy and then redirects the ready documents back to the service centers of Russia.

Austrian visa service center

Pros and cons of visa centers

These institutions have made life much easierpeople who want to get a Schengen. Earlier, for this purpose, they were forced to go to Moscow, and it was necessary to do this at least twice. Not every potential tourist was ready to spend money on tickets to the embassy and back. Therefore, trips to the countries of the European Union have not been used by our compatriots living in remote places, very popular. With the opening of visa centers, it was very easy to apply for Schengen, and the Russians were able to discover a lot of new tourist routes.

Another undoubted advantage of such institutionsis the fact that it is possible to resolve all visa issues fairly quickly and with minimal queues. In many service centers, citizens are accepted only by appointment, this allows customers not to waste time waiting for their turn.

A significant disadvantage of all service centers inour country is the incompetence of their employees in visa matters. The matter is that they concern to managers of an average link in whose duties enters only reception of documents, but not consultations of visitors. Therefore, try to be more careful and do not rely on the advice of employees of the visa center. There are cases when exactly they, giving visitors irrelevant information, became the reason of refusal in putting down the Schengen.

Cost of services of the service center

Since the Austrian Visa Application Center isintermediary between the client and the visa department of the embassy, ​​then for his services he necessarily charges an additional fee. In addition to all visa fees, everyone must pay a fixed amount in rubles to the cashier.

Austrian visa center at Dubininskaya

Austrian Visa Application Center in Moscow

In the Russian capital, the service center was openedone of the first. Today he takes in the season to several thousand people a day. There is an Austrian visa center on Dubininskaya Street in a house numbered thirty-five. The institution has its own website where you can make an appointment. This is also done through a phone call.

Documents for the Schengen are taken five days inweek from nine o'clock in the morning to five o'clock in the afternoon, reception is conducted only by prior appointment. You can get a passport with a visa on the first order from Monday to Friday. Extradition is conducted from eleven o'clock in the morning to the end of the working day.

Austrian Visa: Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg

To residents of the Northern capital, who want to getSchengen to Austria, you will have to look for a specialized service center for a long time. After all, in the city it simply does not exist. How in this case to issue a visa for an Austrian trip? Do Petrograders have to go to Moscow for this purpose?

Not at all. In St. Petersburg is the Consulate General of Finland. It is his employees who for twelve years have the full right to deal with visa issues of Russian citizens for a trip to Austria. However, only private individuals are accepted here, various firms and travel agencies must send documents to the relevant institutions in Moscow.

The Consulate General is located on the Preobrazhenskaya Square, all questions on filing documents can be asked by phone number to the staff of the institution. Reception is by appointment.

Austrian visa visa center saint petersburg

Special features of visa to Austria

In order to collect the papers for the Austrianvisa, you need to use the general rules for the registration of Schengen. They are identical for all EU countries, the consular fee is thirty five euros.

Keep in mind that if you refuse to apply for a visa, applicants do not explain their reasons and do not return the money spent.

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