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Practically at all times, violence was the mainway of solving internecine problems. When a person first took a stick in his hands and realized that with the help of brute force can affect the actions of their own kind, he began to use violence everywhere. Thus, in the world appeared military art. Of course, wars did not always bear an exceptionally negative character. Sometimes after them grew powerful enough states, such as Ancient Rome, Sparta, Macedonia, etc. Nevertheless, in most cases of war, they brought ruin and suffering to civilians of various states. As for the art of waging war, it developed from the moment of the emergence of a reasonable man. Initially, any conflicts were reduced to chaotic "cutting" each other with sticks, while the battle involved mainly tribal communities. Later, with the advent of states, the process of waging wars began to change. Their evolution was influenced by various factors, one of which is the emergence of new threats from the enemy.

space troops of russia

If we analyze the modern levelcombat capability of world countries, it is for the most part conditioned by the appearance of specific international legal relations and new branches of the economy. For example, today the economy is of great importance. Security in this area has caused the appearance of various units that provide it. It is also necessary to note the growing interest of world powers in the cosmos. In addition to the many benefits that will result from its development, this process also carries a number of specific threats. Therefore in the Russian Federation for several years there are space defense units, which will be discussed in the article.

Defense of the Russian Federation

In modern Russia, defense capacitythe state is the priority direction of the entire political course. The growing prestige of this area of ​​state activity is also conditioned by the constantly emerging local military conflicts in various parts of the world. In some cases, such conflicts are contrary to the international interests of the Russian Federation, which requires it to be compulsorily intervened. In order to organize the appropriate policy and ensure the defense, the combat capability of the Russian army, there is a corresponding executive authority in the Russian Government, namely, the Ministry of Defense.

It should be noted that due to the emergence of newthreats in the Ministry of Defense are constantly carried out research to continuously upgrade the military sector of the Russian Federation. Thus, back in 2001, it was decided to create special space troops, which later became part of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Russia's Air and Space Forces: Concept

Such military formations are part of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In essence, the troops of air space defense - This is a kind of hybrid of the Russian air forces andmilitary space troops. They were created in 2015. These military forces have united various departments and services, which are designed to protect the air space of Russia, as well as space. When conducting military operations, military formations of this type are capable of delivering and repelling strikes both directly in the air and in space. Coordination of activities is carried out by the Main Command of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation.

aerospace defense

The main headquarters of the Air and Space Forces is deployed in the building of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

History of creation

Air Space Defense Troops havea fairly long and interesting history of formation. As mentioned earlier, they were created on the basis of a merger of the two agencies. It should be noted that the Russian space forces, in fact, have revived in this new military direction. Because in the period from 2001 to 2011 they existed, but were later disbanded. In 2015, the Space Forces joined the new branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. There are several key features that led to the creation of aerospace forces, namely, the desire:

1. To concentrate in a single sphere of activity different military formations that are sufficiently close in their tasks and functions.

2. Increase the efficiency and functionality of air and space troops by actually crossing them.

3. Concentrate in a single framework the responsibility for the implementation and development of military space policy, as well as state defense capacity in this area.

4. To ensure the further development and evolution of the Russian air and space troops.

The tasks of the Russian aerospace force

Aerospace forces have their owna range of tasks, which they deal with constantly. It should be noted that due to the novelty of the military line presented in the article, its tasks have corresponding features and are:

- ensuring the defense capability of the state in the aerospace sphere, as well as reflecting any manifestations of aggression in it;

- defeat and destruction of enemy combat forces using conventional means, as well as nuclear weapons;

- ensuring the activities of other arms of the armed forces through the effective use of aviation;

- Reflection of ballistic missile strikes by defeating their head units;

- informing about possible missile attacks;

- Observation and analysis of outer space in order to identify threats to Russia;

- the product of launches of space vehicles, special satellite systems in order to provide troops with reliable and complete information, as well as space defense;

- maintaining in full combat readiness the satellites of military destination;

Structure of aerospace forces

The structure of the aerospace forces includes the appropriate kind of troops, namely:

- The Air Force.

aerospace defense forces

- Space Forces of Russia.

- Troops of anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense.

Such a structure provides an effectiveuse of all the forces and means of this military direction, as well as the appropriate level of the state's defense capability. It should also be noted that the combination of several close-by-kind arms made it possible to ensure the simplicity of their regulation at the level of the central executive authorities.

Space Forces of Russia

The Space Defense Forces of the Russian Federation is a special kind of troops that is designed to organize and ensure the security of the interests of the state in the space sphere of activity.

Russian space forces
It should be noted that space defense is an innovative sphere of military art. Analogues of such troops exist only in the most developed countries to date. The main specificity of the units of this part of the army is, first of all, aerospace defense. In other words, the very subject of the activity of the troopsstipulates a rather interesting range of tasks, which is put before them. Thus, the Russian space forces, parts of which are scattered throughout the Russian Federation, are innovative and at the same time specific units.

Evolution of space troops

Air space defense has always beenpriority for the development of the army in the Russian Federation. However, the troops corresponding to this priority experienced two stages of formation. Between 2001 and 2011, Russian space forces were a separate and independent component of the Armed Forces. But, as it was already stated earlier, from August 1, 2015 they became part of the Aerospace Forces.

The tasks of the Space Forces

Despite the fact that the space forcesRussia is a part of the aerospace forces, they have a spectrum of their own special tasks. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the space sphere is the most evolving field of activity of the armed forces, since in the future scientists are predicting a central place for space forces because of the great potential of space as a theater of operations. However, to date, Russian military space troops implement the following tasks:

1. Observation of the cosmos and objects in it.

2. Identification of threats from space, as well as directly in it.

3. Reflection and elimination of threats from outer space.

4. Implementation of launches into orbit of military and civilian satellites.

5. The use of orbiting satellites in the interests of the armed forces of Russia.

6. Maintaining military and civilian satellites in full combat readiness for their immediate application in emergency cases.

Russian Space Forces

Taking into account the aforementioned priority of the development of space forces, the list of tasks presented can be replenished with new ones, since the military sphere of the Russian Federation evolves almost daily.

Orbital grouping of the Russian Federation

Space defense forces simply could notperform the tasks assigned to them without artificial orbiting satellites, which are located near the planet Earth. A set of spacecraft of this type is called an orbital grouping. To date, Russia is in second place in terms of the number of satellites launched. Orbital group of the Russian Federation has 149 space vehicles.

military space troops of russia
In the first place are the United States, which is running446 space orbiting satellites. Third place is occupied by China with its 120 satellites. Thus, outer space is almost completely covered by the most developed world powers, which underlines the high level of financial consumption of this sphere of development of the armed forces. This means that the powers with a small economy can not afford exploration in the space industry and the creation of appropriate arms.

Training for Space Forces

Today in the Russian Federation is seriously worththe issue of training highly qualified personnel for the Armed Forces. This means that in all spheres of defense there are appropriate educational institutions. The Russian Space Forces are no exception in this matter. There are two main educational institutions for training officers of the space forces:

- Military Space Academy.

- Military Academy of Air and Space Defense named after Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov.

airborne space troops of russia


So, in the article we told what isthe Russian space troops, where they are located, in which educational institutions personnel are trained. In conclusion, it should be noted that the development of this branch of the Armed Forces is simply necessary taking into account the current trends in the evolution of the military sector throughout the world. Perhaps, in the near future conflicts will arise not only on the ground, but also in outer space.

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