Poor family: how to get the status, what benefits and benefits are laid


There are many categories of citizens in Russia,who need support. At the state level, various programs are being designed to maintain their standard of living at the proper level. Poor families need special care. Let's consider further features of the help to citizens of this category, an order and conditions of its granting.

poor family

Specific Status

Which family is considered to be poor? In the legislation its signs are fixed. In order to obtain the status of a poor family, the income of each member must be lower than the subsistence minimum established in the region where it lives.

The calculation requires the total amount ofthree months divided by 3 (the number of months). The result is divided into the number of family members. Accordingly, if the amount does not reach the subsistence level, it is possible to begin registration.

A low-income family can receive:

  1. Labor payments.
  2. Income from the use of property.
  3. Social benefits.
  4. Profit from business management.
  5. Alimony.
  6. Author's reward.
  7. Termination benefits.
  8. Dividends.

All these amounts are taken into account when calculating the average monthly income per family member.

One of the conditions for recognizing the poor family is the absence of able-bodied, but non-working people in it.

Subjects of law

According to the norms, any family that meets the requirements can be recognized as needy. However, its composition does not matter. Subjects of the law may be families:

  1. Large families (with three or more children).
  2. Full (children are brought up by two parents or spouses do not have children).
  3. Incomplete (one parent).
  4. The members of which are invalids.
  5. With adopted children.
  6. Without parents. In them, the upbringing and maintenance of children are handled by other relatives (grandparents, aunts, etc.).

A prerequisite for the recognition of a poor family is cohabitation and registration at the same address.

Design nuances

Many citizens for objective reasonsare experiencing financial problems and are unable to provide either themselves or their children. Such persons are entitled to assistance from the state. How to get the status of a poor family?

First of all, you should write a statement.It must be submitted to the territorial body of social protection or to the MFC. A package of documents is attached to the application. The poor family is subject to all provisions of the law concerning the reliability and completeness of information provided to state bodies. In case of fraud detection, concealment of sources of cash receipts, the corresponding status will not be assigned. Moreover, for gross violations of legislative requirements, the applicant can be held accountable under the current regulations. If there is a fact of committing illegal actions after the assignment of status, the family may be deprived of payments for the future and obliged to return all the amounts received earlier.

If a family member is serving a criminal sentence, is wanted, is a serviceman, declared missing, a document confirming this is needed.

recognition of the poor family

After submitting the application and the packagedocuments to a specialist of the MFC or a territorial unit of social protection they are transferred to a special commission. She examines the case and makes a decision. This commission is given no more than a month. If all the documents are in order, the family will become poor.

The main package of documents

To become a poor family, one of its members submits:

  1. Statement. It is issued in an approved form. As a rule, the application is filled in by the employee of the MFC or the territorial department of social protection.
  2. Passports, sv-va about the birth of family members.
  3. Documents certifying the relationship.
  4. Certificate of the composition of the family.
  5. An extract from the house book. It should contain information about all persons registered at the address of the family.
  6. Inquiries about incomes.
  7. The list of property and title documents to it.

If the family is temporarily unemployed, you need a certificate from the Employment Service and work book.

If one of the close relatives is a person who requires special care for health reasons, a medical report is attached to the listed papers.


The state provides for various types of financial assistance to low-income families. The amount of payments depends on different circumstances. They can be charged on a lump or monthly basis.

In the first case, the payment to a low-income family is made in connection with a legally significant event.

Benefits are provided free of charge and financed by budgets of different levels.

monthly allowance for low-income families

Lump sum payments

As a rule, they are stipulated by normativeacts adopted at the municipal level. The amount of such payments to needy families should be specified at the place of residence in the territorial bodies of social protection.

One-time benefits can be provided foraccount of the federal budget. Usually they are provided for the birth of a child. The size of the family's income does not depend on them. The main payments can be considered:

  1. For registration on the early stages of pregnancy - 632.76 rubles.
  2. For adoption / birth - 16 873.54 rubles.
  3. Pregnant wives of persons serving on conscription in the ranks of the Armed Forces, if the pregnancy period is 180 days or more - 26,721.01 rubles.
  4. For the custody / adoption / guardianship of a disabled child, several children who are brothers / sisters, a child over seven years old - 128,927.58 rubles.

Maternal capital

To lump sum payments carry and маткапитал,if in a poor family, despite a low level of income, a second, third or next child has appeared. The amount of payment is the same throughout the country and from the address of residence does not depend. In 2018, the value is 453,026 rubles.

It is worth saying that the State Duma has been amendedin the normative acts regulating the use of funds of the mothers. In 2018, the subjects will have an opportunity to spend them on a monthly basis for current needs. This right is granted to parents from low-income families. Starting from 01/01/2018, if the average per capita income is less than 1.5 times the subsistence minimum, you can spend part of the time on a monthly basis. The recipient will be one of the parents.

It should be noted that the income of family membersis determined by the size of the subsistence minimum established for the second quarter of 2017. Monthly payments will cease when the child reaches a year and a half. The remainder of the matkapital can be spent on other purposes defined in the legislation.

Regular payments

Monthly benefits for low-income familiesare provided for parents who do not have the right to matkapital (at the birth of the first child). The calculation is also based on the subsistence minimum. If the income for one spouse does not exceed 1.5 pm, a monthly allowance is assigned. It is paid to low-income families also before the child reaches the age of one and a half.

How to get the status of a poor family

The size of the payment is equal to the subsistence minimum,established in the second quarter of 2017 in the relevant region (a similar amount is subtracted monthly from the motherboard). At the same time, it should be noted that the financing of payments for the first-born to a low-income family is carried out from the federal budget. With regard to royalties from the matkapitala, here the means of the FIU are used.

The amount of payments may vary depending on the region. Knowing the cost of living in a particular subject, you can determine what benefit a low-income family will receive this year:

  • Moscow - 14,252 rubles.
  • Murmansk region - 15 048 rub.
  • Novosibirsk region - 11 545 rubles.
  • Udmurtia - 8964 rubles.
  • Chukotka - 22 222 rubles.

The employee's child under the contract will be paid on a monthly basis 11,451.86 rubles.

Benefits for children under three years old

At once it is necessary to tell, that parents of the child 1,5-3years can only rely on insignificant payments. Since the late 90's the amount of benefits is 50 rubles. Regional authorities, however, are taking certain measures to remedy the situation.

In early January 2018in many regions, monthly payments for a third child in a low-income family were resumed. This became possible because the president of the country adopted a special decree, which recommended returning the allowance.

Almost all regions have implemented the recommendations of the Headstate. The benefit was returned in 70 subjects. Payment is made until the child reaches the age of 3. Its amount is equal to the subsistence minimum, calculated for the child in a particular region.

registration of a poor family

At the same time, regional authoritiesnormative acts and additional subsidies to low-income families, including children over 3 years of age. There are also increased amounts of payments if citizens raise a disabled child or there are other grounds for granting a larger amount.

General rules for registration of benefits

If the parent is employed, then all one-timepayments to it are provided through the employer. For members of low-income families, the application and documents must be submitted only to the territorial department of social protection or the MFC. Employment in this case does not matter. For the purpose of making payments to the specialists of the MFC or the body of social protection, the following is provided:

  1. Statement.
  2. Parents' passports with copies.
  3. Sv-va about the birth of children with copies.
  4. Requisites of the bank account to which the transfer will be made.
  5. SNILS with a copy.

This is a general list of required documents. The territorial department of social protection can request additional papers.


Low-income families can receivepayment of living space and utilities. Subsidies are provided if these expenses exceed 22% of the total income of all members of the family. In the regions, however, a lower figure can be set. So, in St. Petersburg, needy citizens can get a subsidy at 14%, and in Moscow - at 10%.

For low-income families, the indicator is even lower, because the decreasing coefficient operates. It is determined by the ratio of per capita income to the subsistence minimum in the subject.

Documents for the subsidy

As in previous cases, you need to write an application to receive benefits. Attached are:

  1. Passports of family members over the age of 14, sv-va on the birth of minors.
  2. SnilS.
  3. Marriage / divorce (if any).
  4. Adoption document.
  5. Reference on f. 9, which indicates all persons living in the room.
  6. Documents confirming the income of each family member. In the information should be information for the last 6 months. Incomes are recognized as scholarships, pensions, unemployment benefits, wages, other payments.
  7. Documents confirming the status of family members. This includes, in particular, a pension certificate, a certificate of disability, etc.
  8. Copies of labor books (if someone from relatives is not employed).
  9. A document confirming the status of a low-income family.
  10. Agreement on Social Security or Sv-va, which certifies the ownership of housing.
  11. Receipts for payment of housing, a certificate of absence of debts for utility payments.
  12. Requisites of the bank account for the transfer of funds.

This list is not exhaustive.In each specific case, specialists of the authorized body may request additional papers. For example, other documents are required if one of the persons registered in a residential building is temporarily foreclosed (in connection with service in the army, for serving a criminal sentence, etc.).

As a rule, for registration of subsidies, citizensappeal to the Housing Committee or other structure with similar functions. In addition, you can transfer documents to the MFC, and from there specialists will send them to the appropriate department. Within 10 days the authorized body is obliged to take a positive decision and notify the applicant about it. If there is a refusal, it is necessary to notify the applicant about it within five days.

low-income family size

Subsidies to low-income families are provided for half a year. At the end of this period, it is necessary to reaffirm the right to state support.


The legislation provides for other types ofassistance to low-income citizens. So, the benefit that is paid to them is not taxed. In addition, as part of state support programs, legal aid is provided free of charge to needy people.

In addition, the federal budget allocatesmeans to help citizens who have taken a mortgage. The state provides housing certificates, participates in debt repayment or develops special mortgage programs on preferential terms.

Regional regulations alsovarious grants and grants are fixed. However, often the subject does not have enough to pay their budget funds. In this regard, regional authorities often have to abandon approved programs.

subsidies to low-income families

A common type of assistance for the poor is the provision of reduced travel on public transport. In many regions of the Russian Federation, children from low-income families can eat free of charge at school.

Certainly, federal, regional,The municipal authorities still have much to do in the sphere of social security for needy citizens. Work in this direction is currently very active. Additional support is provided by commercial enterprises.

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