Disability pension (2nd group). Monthly payment to disabled people


To date, there are mostdisabled people with a second disability group. The disabled person of the second group is disabled, but he does not need constant care. Citizens who have a second group of disabilities can count on state payments, or rather a pension. Sometimes it happens that the second group of disability is given to children, and in this case the child must necessarily have guardians. A guardian can be useful to an elderly person who also has a disability, as a rule, such people become relatives or friends.

Who is considered an invalid of the 2nd group?

Disabled people of 2 groups are people whomedical commission were recognized incompetent. The main reason lies in physical or mental abnormalities, which prevents them from leading a normal and fulfilling life. Of course, sometimes such people need the help of a guardian. What group to assign to a person is decided only by state expertise. People who have complicated diseases that do not allow them to lead a full life can count on a second group of disabilities.

disability pension 2 group
Disease 2 groups of disability can beassociated with the problems of the musculoskeletal system of a person, with the loss of memory and orientation in time, which does not allow him to control himself. To the main diseases, according to which the second group of disability is given to a person, it is possible to carry:

  1. Problems with the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Impaired orientation.
  3. Problems with speech.
  4. Loss of control over their movements and behavior.
  5. Difficulties in the assimilation of information.

Often, a disability pension (group 2) is due to the development of oncological diseases, heart attacks, strokes and partial paralysis.

What is the difference between the second group of disabilities from other groups?

It should be noted that persons who received a pensionthe second group, can use not only monthly payments, but also have a number of benefits that differ from what can be received by people with disabilities of the third or the first groups. Consider the main benefits that are available to the disabled second group:

1. If a disability pension is awarded, and the 2 group is assigned to the Ministry of Healthcare because the person was injured in the workplace, the citizen can count on a labor pension.

disabled people

2. The second group is not the end, the person has the opportunity to work in the enterprise or even carry a service, while the income tax will not have to pay any more.

3. Often there is a discount for housing and communal services.

4.There are 2 disability groups working and non-working. If a person is completely incapacitated, then he belongs to a non-working group. A "working" pensioner can work at the enterprise, and he is provided with an incomplete working day, and his salary is kept in full.

5. A disabled pensioner can take advantage of additional benefits, and if he does not have central heating, then the state will pay him the installation of the boiler by 50%.

6. Privileges extend to educational institutions, so when admission to any educational institution the invalid of the second group does not have to pass a competitive selection.

Two types of disability pension with the second group

As pensioners with the second group of disability can work, naturally, the pension will be calculated taking into account such moments. The fact is that EDV disabled people are paid two types:

  1. Labor payment.
  2. Social payment.
    monthly cash payment

The main difference between these two types of pensions isthat they are differently charged, and cash payments can also be very different. For example, the amount of a social disability pension may be less than a working pension.

How are calculations of labor pension made?

Consider the options for how to pay a pension for each of these species. To calculate the size of a pension, a special formula is used:

TPIS = PC (T * K) + B.

The decoding of the formula is as follows:under the PC refers to the availability of pension capital, which was accumulated due to the disability insurance. All calculations are accounted for exactly the day when a person becomes a pensioner. T is the accounting of all months of the old-age labor pension. To date, this is approximately 228 months. K - insurance experience, which is also considered in months. Duration at the rate of nineteen years is 12 months, but with each year it will increase by four months. B is the initial amount of the pension.

social package

How are social pension calculations made?

Social disability pension (group 2)is appointed for a certain period, sometimes such a pension can become permanent. Even if a person does not have a seniority, he still has social benefits. It should be noted that a person who is considered incapacitated can count on one type of pension. Which of them to choose is the decision of the citizen himself.

What is the size of the pension for the 2nd disability group?

Monthly payment is establishedstate, taking into account all the nuances. Particular attention is given to the type of payments. In 2017, the pension for people with a second disability group increased significantly. To date, the size of payments depends on which citizen has a medical-social category. For example, a person can be disabled from birth, and can acquire the disease during life. When the disability of the second group is acquired, the amount of the pension will be 4959 rubles. If a person is a disabled child, the amount of his pension will be equal to 9919 rubles.

amount of social disability pension

Impact on the size of the pension can still experience. If a citizen has a length of service, then the pension can pre-fund additional payments, but for this you should remember about such moments.

  1. If the citizen is not in the care of dependents, then the pension is 4805 rubles.
  2. If there is one minor child - 6404 rubles.
  3. Two children - 8008 rubles.
  4. More than two children - 9610 rubles.

What documents do I need to submit for a pension?

A disabled pensioner should first of all obtain the official status of a citizen who is disabled, and for this it is necessary to file such documents:

  1. A reference that is issued by the MCEC that the citizen has indeed been assigned a corresponding category for disability.
  2. Passport where the registration will be indicated.
  3. The policy as proof of compulsory medical insurance.
  4. The certificate of the pensioner.
  5. Social protection agencies may require a number of additional papers, so it is more appropriate to consult the Pension Fund, which is located in the district where you live.

Once all documents have been fully collected,the future pensioner will have to apply to the district Pension Fund, they will check all documents and review them within ten days. For a pensioner, several types of pension are offered, for example, you can receive a pension by mail, a bank card, or you can always apply to an organization that deals with such payments. If the pensioner himself is difficult to receive a pension, he will be able to issue a power of attorney, which is certified by a notary, and the relatives or relatives who are indicated in this power of attorney will be able to receive a pension.

What are the additional payments for pensioners?

Mandatory for pensioners is the monthlya cash payment that consists of pension state accruals and financial assistance for certain categories of citizens. Each year, government agencies recalculate the total amount of pension taking into account inflation. For example, this year the pension for invalids of the second group increased by 5.5%. This year, in connection with the pension reform, some changes were introduced, for example, some of the benefits were replaced by additional payments.

What is a social package for pensioners?

In addition to monthly payments, some pensionerscan enjoy the additional privileges that are given by the state. But all the same, the social package for many pensioners plays an important role. For example, some pensioners retained the right to such benefits:

  1. Possibility to have a rest once a year in a sanatorium.
  2. There is a network of pharmacies that can issue free of charge some medicines prescribed by a doctor.
  3. There is an opportunity to travel for free in the city and intercity transport.
  4. Special benefits are provided in the sphere of housing and communal services. Such privileges can be used by invalids of the second group from childhood.
    2 disability group working and non-working

If someone from the pensioners does not likesocial package, it can be changed to cash payments. But for this, the beneficiary himself must personally write a statement, which is sent to the bodies of social protection of the population.

What kind of pension can disabled people work for?

To date, working disabled people canget no more than 4 400 rubles a month. In the near future, this amount will not increase, but there is such a thing as a one-time payment to all pensioners, which is carried out once a year, and its size is 5000 rubles. Also, in connection with the reform in August, the pension for certain categories will again be revised, and this may be the reason for the next increase, because inflation will be taken into account in 2016.

What kind of pension for handicapped children?

The disability pension (group 2) is not givenonly adults, but also children. Often such children need a guardian who will take care of the sick, so the amount of the pension will depend on these factors. A child who is considered an invalid of this group since childhood can count on 8,500 rubles a month. Counting on payments can not only be disabled, but also the person who cares for it, but only on the condition that he is not officially employed anywhere. In this case, the amount of payments will be only 60% of the minimum wage.

What can be required of a guardian?

Despite the fact that EDV disabled people are not tooa large, yet the state tries to control the trustees and checks how the money is spent. Legislation to date requires all guardians to inform the government of the expenditure of funds in the form of a report. If the trustee does not fulfill this condition, then soon they can simply deprive them of payments. To make it easier to make a report, it's enough to have a special form, which is filled once a year. In order to become a trustee, you just need to collect all the necessary documents and carefully study all the rules. Many people with disabilities who have a second disability group simply can not do without a guardian. Therefore, when a person assumes custody, he first of all assumes a great responsibility.

disabled second group

As can be seen, to answer clearly to the question,which disability pension for group 2 is difficult, since there are a lot of nuances and calculations that are worth paying attention to. But every pensioner, before making a pension, must carefully study the law and choose exactly the type of pension that will be more suitable for him. As for the increase in payments, an annual recalculation is carried out, which takes into account inflation and an increase in the subsistence level. Therefore, every year the pension increases by a small percentage. Some pensioners do not know about the benefits they are entitled to, therefore they do not use them, and in this matter one should also be competent. If you prepare documents in time and correctly behave yourself, the pension will not take long.

It should be remembered that the main condition forreceiving any disability pension is the passage of a special commission that will test all deviations and appoint a group corresponding to the state of human health.

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