How and when do I need to change my passport?


From time to time comes the need to change your passport. Next, we'll look at how and when to do it.

change passport

It is necessary to change your passport in the following cases: if its expiration date ends, if there are marks not provided by the Russian legislation, if the surname is changed (usually when married), if the sex is changed, if for any reason the passport has been damaged, and also if the blank pages have ended . It is also necessary to obtain a new passport if the old one is lost.

What needs to be done to changepassport? Procedures for the replacement of the passport are completely identical with the procedures for obtaining it. Thus, when replacing, it is necessary to collect and submit to the appropriate authorities the same package of documents.

change the Russian passport

You will need the following documents:

  • a copy of the passport of a Russian citizen;
  • a copy of the work record card, which is certified at your last job;
  • four photos of a standard size of 3.5 by 4.5 cm, printed on matte paper and enclosed in an oval, or when receiving a new passport for a new sample, two of the same photographs;
  • for men under 27 years of age, it is also necessary to provide a certificate on form 32, which is taken at the military enlistment office;
  • a copy of only the first page of the passport that you are planning to exchange;
  • a cover letter printed on the letterhead of the organization;
  • a completed application for a passport, which is certified by your employer.

During the time it takes tochange your passport, your passport remains with you, and in case of a sufficient period of its validity, you can freely cross the state border and visit foreign countries without interference. The passport is canceled when you receive a new one. If there is a need for which you want to keep an old passport (for example, it has still valid visas), then you need to write an additional application containing a request for leaving your old document. In this case, the old passport will in any case be canceled, but it will remain with you, and the visas in it will be valid and you will be able to use them.

change passport

It is necessary to change your Russian passport if you are 20 or 45 years old, in case of damage or loss of your passport, or if you change the personal data of a citizen.

You can change your passport according to your place of residence.registration, a place of residing on a constant basis or on a place of stay. Documents for this procedure can be submitted through a single portal that provides state and municipal services, and through employees of multifunctional centers for the provision of similar services. There you can find out the list of documents necessary for your case.

Replacement of internal passports of the Russian Federation is carried outterritorial offices of the Federal Migration Service and their structural subdivisions. The address of your territorial branch of the service can be found on the official website of the organization.

The application form for the replacement of the passport is(form N 1P), it can be found both on the website of the FMS, and in the reference sections of such legal systems as "Garant", "Consultant Plus", etc. It can also be filled on the Unified Portal that provides state and municipal services.

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