Penalty for insurance


Since the beginning of 2012, the traffic police increased fines forsome types of violations of traffic rules on the roads. Most of the changes affected OSAGO policies. This is auto insurance, which belongs to the category of mandatory. CMTPL allows you to pay cash compensation to the owners of vehicles in the event that there is a damage to their health, life, and property. The amount paid can reach the size of four hundred thousand rubles. In case of causing more damage, the difference is paid by the guilty person.

The legislative act on the introduction of OSAGO wasadopted in 2003. According to his provisions, driving in the absence of a policy confirming the conclusion of the contract "avtograzhdanki" is prohibited. Legislation provides for a fine without driver insurance. The inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in this case has the right to take the car to the parking lot. The lack of an insurance policy is the basis for refusing to register a vehicle, removing it from the register and passing a vehicle inspection. The purpose of OSAGO is to protect the car owner from paying damages to the injured.

Penalty for insurance in the event of its absencethe driver can be issued in the amount of one hundred rubles. However, the inspector has the right to limit himself to a warning. At the same time the contract of compulsory motor TPL insurance must be concluded without fail. Punishment concerns only the lack of a policy in the hands of the driver.

Penalty for insurance in the amount of three hundred rublesis charged in cases where the control of a car is not documented. The same amount of the driver can be lost if he violates the terms of the insurance policy on the dates of use. The matter is that the term established for contracts of OSAGO is twelve months. The period of use of the vehicle can be reduced at the request of the driver. The cost of the policy is reduced. The period when the vehicle is operational is also decreasing. Often this right is used by drivers who prefer not to leave the garage with the onset of cold weather. The same penalty is received by the person driving the car, if it is not specified in the OSAGO document. The policy must contain his full name.

Penalty for insurance ranging from five hundred toeight hundred rubles can be written out to the citizen, the manager of the vehicle, in the event that the policy of OSAGO and the contract with the organizations issuing it is absent. According to the legislative acts of the Russian Federation, the period for the acquisition of this document is limited to five days after obtaining the right to drive a car. A fine for the lack of insurance will be issued by the inspector even if this period has not yet passed since the purchase of the car. Payment of the amount of money can be replaced with a ban on the operation of the car and the removal of registration numbers from it. This provision is effective from January 1, 2013. Numbers and the right to exploit the car will be returned to the citizen only after the elimination of the reasons that served as the basis for the ban.

Penalty for insurance in case of delay in its periodthe action can be discharged within the range of five hundred to eight hundred rubles. This violation is the most serious of all the rules of OSAGO. What penalty for driving without insurance will be appointed inspector, it will be up to him to decide. In addition to the need to pay a sum of money, the car will be deprived of state numbers, and the driver will lose the right to drive the vehicle. If the period of delay is less than thirty days, the insurance company does not discharge its obligation to pay damages.

The purchase of the MTPL insurance policy is possible in the presence ofThe valid coupon, indicating the passage of technical inspection. This document may be replaced by an international certificate or a diagnostic card. All documents must be valid at the time of applying for insurance.

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