Fire-applied sport: standards and categories


Fire-applied (or rescue) sports -a special kind of physical activity of an official nature. He is in the implementation of exercise complexes, the study of techniques that are used in practice in extinguishing fires. Competitions are held both in individual and in group competitions.

Basics of the program

There is a whole system of events (the types of these competitions will be described each separately), which necessarily includes fire and applied sports.


fire applied sports

It involves climbing the window on the fourth floora training tower using stairs. These competitions are held in a certain sequence. The athlete must take a position, standing before the starting line, which is drawn from the base of the training tower, it is strictly forbidden to step on it. It is allowed to take the assault ladder with your hands in a convenient position. The participant can start at the signal and has the right to use any means to raise the tower floors without interfering with the rest. The conditions of the competition are forbidden from standing on the windowsill to discharge the ladder. The competitor finishes when he steps on both sides of the platform with both feet and closes the contact device.

Overcoming the obstacle course length of 100 meters

fire applied sport

These competitions take place in such a sequence:

  1. The athlete takes a position before the starting line, without touching it. In this case, the participant holds the barrel, which can be in any position.
  2. While running along the route it is necessary to overcomefence, take the sleeves, overcome the boom, fasten the sleeves together. Then it is necessary to get close to the branching, attach to it a line from the sleeves and lay it. Go fence can, without focusing on the foot of the slopes and racks. Sleeves are allowed to move as you like. Paying the connecting heads themselves to the trunk and branching is allowed in the process of both stopping and moving. If the jump from the log is made before the limiter, then the athlete must pass this test first. You can not move branches from their location.
  3. All connecting heads must be closed after finishing.
  4. The result will not be counted if, during thethe participant did not immediately hold the sleeve line in such a way that the judges would have an opportunity to evaluate the correctness of the rallying of the connecting heads at the barrel and the sleeve.
  5. It is forbidden to touch the sleeves after the start signal sounds.

At the moment of touching an imaginary finish any part of the body, with the exception of the head, neck, arms and legs, fixes the finish.

Athletic double-event

fire-applied sports women

This kind is a competition,combining both of the above. Determination of results occurs by calculating the amount of time established by the participants in both competitions for a personal championship, but in the general team classification is not counted.

Fire relay race

This competition is held in four stages of 100meters of distance each. In it, any participant can run only one stage. The fire barrel is used for carrying out the relay race. The last participant must overcome the finish line along with the trunk. At the moment of touching the imaginary finish, the most recent participant in the body part, with the exception of the head, neck, arms and legs, fixes the team's finish.

Combat deployment

In this competition, starting, athletesovercome the distance to the shield on which the manned fire-technical equipment is located. Then connect the main to the branching and motor pump, then lay two lines one arm at a time, while the stewards stand in front of the limiter (45 meters from the center of the shield). At the same time, it is necessary to attach the suction hose to the motor pump and the intake mesh, provided that the latter must be connected to the suction hose before it is immersed in a container of water. After a general finish, the judges verify the correct connection of the hose to the net. Then motor pumps are turned on. After this, water is withdrawn from the reservoir to feed it through the hose lines. The competition passed, if the stringers managed to fill the capacity of both targets with a volume of 10 liters.

fire applied sports categories

Fire-applied sports: categories

The title of master of sports is awarded to participants,who has reached 17 full years, a candidate for master of sports - 16 years. General level - after the execution of 14 years. How to get the honorary title of Master? Fire-applied sports, standards in which are established in accordance with age, provides for certain criteria for obtaining titles. Thus, MS is given with double fulfillment of norms in the three-year period by the following provisions: participation in international competitions, the championship of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation and competitions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the all-Russian scale added to the Unified Plan for All-Russian, Interregional and International Sports Competitions. Fire-applied sport involves a number of conditions under which the norms of discharges are considered to be fulfilled. They include, in particular: a candidate for the MS - in competitions, whose status is not lower than the Regional Championship of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. At the same time there must be at least ten declared participants for each type of program. The first category is at competitions, whose status is not lower than the Championship of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the subject of the Russian Federation. The conditions are similar to those established for the CCM: at least ten declared participants for each type of program. The second, third youth ranks can be obtained at official competitions with any status.

fire applied sport standards

Emergence and development

Fire-applied sport began its existenceback in the days of the Soviet Union. In the distant 1937 the first competitions took place. Their participants were employees of the NKVD of the USSR. In addition to the main types of competitions, athletics, shooting and gymnastic elements were added to the program. Officially fire-applied sport was recognized in 1964 - then the Federation for this species was formed. The next year in the city of Leningrad has already passed the first world championship. In 2001 in Russia appeared the Sports Federation of Rescuers and Firefighters (International class). In April 2002, in Zelenogorsk, a tournament was held on the sport in question. He was of an international character. At this tournament, the Asian Cup was played. In September of the same year, 2002, the first world championship among rescuers and firefighters in Moscow was held. Kazan hosted the first World Youth Championship in 2010. This is how the fire-applied sport developed in Russia. Women began to actively participate in competitions only recently - since 2013. Until then it was a male sport.

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