Production control


The production control is the most important component of any kind of activity,aimed at ensuring the protection of the environment and the health of workers. The state policy of the Russian Federation is aimed at creating a favorable environment for the life and health of the country's population, including conducting sanitary anti-epidemiological actions in all spheres of national economic activity, which is legally enshrined in the constitution - the right to safe work, the right to health protection.

Production control at the enterprise includesa set of actions clearly outlined by legislative norms. The main documents for control are first of all the Federal Law of Article 32 and sanitary norms (1.1.10558-01).

Production control must be carried out without fail aslegal entities and individuals (private entrepreneurs) in full accordance with the objectives and direction of their chosen sphere of production or provision of services. Moreover, a complex of such activities is carried out at all stages of the activities and services - from the stage of the initial production to the place of its delivery to the end user.

Production control ensures strict implementationsanitary-and-hygienic rules, methods and techniques by the producers of products, thereby preventing the ingress of substances harmful to human health in food products, in the environment. The main task of industrial control is to comply with the norms that ensure human security and protect the environment as a whole from the effects of various harmful factors. Therefore, production control is strictly mandatory and is initially carried out in such vital areas as the production of food products, the upbringing of children and integrated consumer services for the population. Its functions include the regular conduct of medical examinations, the organization of hygienic training of workers and responsible officials directly related to the production, storage, sale of food products. Also this is the control of product quality, conducting laboratory tests for the presence of harmful factors, maintaining statistics and recording occupational diseases, etc.

The controlled area includes all production workshops and auxiliary premises, equipment and transport, workplaces and tools. Production control is carried out by all economic entities onthe basis of the approved program, which clearly regulates the methods used for control, the sanitary rules and procedures used, health measures, the frequency of such control, clear registration of occupational diseases and their prevention.

It should be noted that for some industriesthe creation of a system of production control begins long before the economic activity, even before the moment of obtaining a license, and this measure is connected with ensuring occupational safety and health. The creation of such a program is legally enshrined in the Federal Law of March 1999, in Government Resolution No. 569 of 2005 and other normative documents. The Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection controls the clear enforcement and enforcement of these standards by legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Legislation also provides foradministrative measures in relation to legal entities and private entrepreneurs for failure to provide information on control in SES and other supervisory authorities. Thus, failure to provide information on the results of the production control performed or to provide them in incomplete form is an administrative offense (Code of Administrative Offenses, art. 19.7). At the same time, an administrative penalty (or a fine) for officials amounts to five hundred rubles, and a fine imposed on a legal entity may amount to five thousand rubles.

It turns out, that the industrial control as a whole- is not only strict compliance with all sanitary norms, but also the implementation of a complex of sanitary and anti-epidemic actions, consistent adherence to the state policy of the Russian Federation aimed at fulfilling the rights and freedoms guaranteed to the population by the constitution. Production control in all spheres of the economy ensures the creation of an enabling environment for the development and prosperity of society as a whole in full harmony with the world around it.

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