How to replace the medicine "Pantenol"? Drug analogues


A well-known means, widelyin demand in everyday life, is the drug "Pantenol". It is used for various violations of the entire skin integument. In other words, medication is used for minor injuries, burns, abrasions, frostbite. The product is effective for dermatitis, diaper rash, bedsores, fissures. But sometimes there is a need to choose the medicine "Pantenol" analogues. Let's dwell on medications that can replace such a popular drug.

panthenol analogues

Panthenol: Analogues

How can I replace the original product? Before we consider analogs, we should dwell on an important point. In the pharmacy, instead of the usual drug, a drug "D-Panthenol" may be offered. It is a drug completely identical to the original remedy. The difference between them lies only in the fact that drug data are produced by various pharmaceutical companies.

So, if you need to find an analogue of "Panthenol" (spray), then pay attention to the drugs:

  • "Panthenol Spray Vial";
  • "Panthenol Spray" (German production).

To replace a cream or ointment it is possible such medicines:

  • "Dexpanthenol";
  • Bepanten;
  • Pantoderm;
  • Pantenol-Teva.

Let's consider in more detail the preparation "Pantenol" analogues.

Ointment "Dexpanthenol"

This is a wonderful tool based, likethe original medication, on pantothenic acid. The product has regenerating properties, has a slight anti-inflammatory effect on the affected areas.

panthenol analogue ointment

A wonderful analogue of "D-Panthenol" costs consumers much cheaper than the original drug.

Ointment is intended for therapy:

  1. Violations of the integrity of the skin, provokedchemical, temperature, mechanical factors, as well as caused by surgical interventions. The drug will ease the condition with scratches, burns, bedsores, wounds. It is recommended in case of poor healing of skin grafts, postoperative aseptic wounds.
  2. Inflammatory processes of the epidermis: trophic ulcers, furuncles, dermatitis.
  3. Inflammation and cracks in the mammary glands of a nursing mother.

The drug can be used as a means of prevention, protecting the skin from the adverse effects of the environment (wind, cold, dampness).

The medicine is used for babies. Often it is prescribed for the treatment of diaper dermatitis.

Cream "Bepanten"

Considering the drugs "Pantenol" analogues,we will dwell on this tool. In essence, the cream "Bepanten" and ointment "Dexpatenol" are the same drug. The active substance of both medicines is provitamin pantothenic acid. Or as this component is called by pharmacists, dexpanthenol.

analogue of panthenol

Indications for the use of the drug completelycoincide with the destination of the original means. The drug effectively stimulates the regeneration of the skin, contributes to the normalization of cellular metabolism.

The product is allowed to use for nursing infants. The cream can be used during pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding.

There are almost no side effects. Only in the case of individual sensitivity can there be allergic manifestations.

Ointment "Pantoderm"

This medicine is an inexpensive analogue of "Pantenol". Ointment is produced by a Russian manufacturer.

It is recommended for treatment and prevention:

  • dry skin;
  • decubitus;
  • burns, wounds;
  • diaper rash;
  • dermatitis;
  • furuncles, abscesses;
  • aseptic wounds;
  • cracks, inflammation of the nipples of nursing mothers;
  • diaper rash in infants, erytheme, provoked by diapers.

Ointment "Pantoderm" improves regeneration and trophismtissues. In addition, it has a weak anti-inflammatory effect and has a metabolic effect. The agent stimulates the regeneration of the mucous membranes, the epidermis, strengthens mitosis and contributes to the increase in the strength of collagen fibers.

analogue of panthenol spray

As well as the analogues described above, the medication can be used for pregnant women, infants and nursing mothers.


It is difficult to say which of the means described aboveis the most effective. In most cases, we are talking about synonyms for Panthenol. They have similar indications for use, the same active substance and have the same effect on the body. Therefore, choosing what to replace the original tool, focus on subjective feelings.

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