The drug "Smecta" for a newborn, or How to overcome dysbiosis


smect for the newborn
The newborn is a small miracle, just nowwhich appeared in the light. Being at my mother's stomach, he was in another world: a warm, cozy, sheltered. Going out into the light, into our world, this tiny little man immediately meets with a huge number of microbes. We are accustomed to them and do not fear them, because the body has developed antibodies for a long time, but weak children's immunity is instantly attacked through food, drink, contact, or simply through the air. Therefore, frequent illnesses of small children are not uncommon. Until their body adapts, allergic reactions and digestive disorders, such as dysbiosis, are the most common diseases. In such cases, the agent of Smecta comes to the aid of his mother. For a newborn, it is safe, and its properties make it possible to cure dysbacteriosis as quickly as possible. So what is its composition? Why is it safe for kids?

A drug Smecta: composition

The main active substance is smectitedioctahedral (diosmectite) This substance has an adsorbing effect. Simply put, as soon as the medicine "Smecta" gets into the stomach, and then into the intestine, it evenly spreads over the walls and starts to absorb all the pathogenic bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless and removing them.

smecta composition
A drug Smecta: application

It is prescribed when the following symptoms appear:

  • dysbacteriosis (diarrhea of ​​different genesis: infectious, drug, allergic);
  • bloating;
  • colic;
  • increased gassing.

Medicinal remedy "Smecta" forThe newborn is used as follows. In a day for children up to one year, up to 3 g of the drug - 1 sachet is recommended. Powder should be given evenly throughout the day every two to three hours, adding it to food or drink. The minimum course of treatment is 3-5 days. If you add the drug to the drink, always shake the bottle before use. Always make a fresh solution and do not give at the same time with preparations of a similar action, alternate them. The medicine "Smecta" for a newborn has practically no contraindications. These include only intolerance to components and intestinal obstruction. Before using the medication, consult a doctor, in very rare cases, an allergic reaction to the drug was noticed.

smect application
The best treatment is prevention!

In your medicine cabinet must be a drugSmecta. For a newborn, it is indispensable, but before taking it, be sure to check with the doctor for the correct dosage. Be careful in the application, if you increase the norm, it can cause pain in the abdomen, the baby will be very difficult to go to the toilet, and you will start to solve another problem, again giving the child a medicine. The best treatment is prevention! Watch for the quality of the baby's nutrition. All products must be fresh and freshly cooked. Enter new products with caution, only on the advice of a doctor and in small quantities. Then your baby will be healthy and happy, which means that you will be happy too! Children are the most beautiful thing that we have. Taking care of them is our direct duty and the greatest joy!

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