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Cosmetic means "Vagisil" is a reala godsend for women. She will give self-confidence in any situation. Products of this brand are aimed at eliminating discomfort in the intimate area. In addition, they alleviate the symptoms of thrush and maintain a healthy pH of the vagina.

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"Vagisil" - an intimate moisturizer

With dryness of the vagina, a womanany age. Stressful situations, failure of the hormonal system, taking certain medications, menopause - all this often leads to a violation of the pH balance in the intimate area. The Vagisil remedy will solve this problem. Gel, reviews of which, indicate its effectiveness, is aimed at the rapid elimination of dryness in the vagina. To maintain the optimum balance in the pH zone, it is recommended to use it daily.

Developers of the gel "Vagisil" took over the experienceproduction of specialized hygiene products for intimate hygiene of well-known brands. Additionally, the peculiarities of the female organism were taken into account. As a result, the fair sex representatives were able to use a line of cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Women are very fond of products called "Vagisil". The testimonies indicate that she is coping with the task perfectly. Girls prefer not only gel, they also praise the effectiveness of cream and powder.

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What is in the gel "Vagisil"?

Judging by the opinions of physicians, the composition of the remedy includes natural components. The natural components of the gel are:

  • Lacto is a probiotic. Preserves the natural microflora of the vagina.
  • Lactic acid. Promotes increased protection of the vagina from genital infections. Provides maintenance of physiological pH level.
  • Extract of leaves of aloe. Humidifies and restores mucous membranes.
  • Extract of chamomile flowers pharmacy. Relieves irritation, has antiseptic effect.

The gel is released in a container (355 milliliters). The cream is in a tube, the volume of which is 30 g.

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Gel "Vagisil": instructions, reviews

Reviews of women claim that theyuse during the menopause, menstruation, and after using hygienic drugs that led to the dryness of the vagina. To normalize the pH balance and preserve the microflora of the vagina, the Vagisil gel should be applied to the intimate area with a napkin, after which it must be washed off with water. For a single use, enough gel strips 3-5 cm. It is undesirable to use the drug more than 4 times a day.

It is important that the product does not get into the eyes.If this happens, the visual organ should be thoroughly rinsed with water. How effective is the drug Vagisil? Reviews of this gel indicate that the remedy really works. Many women note that after the first use, discomfort in the vaginal area no longer bother. In addition, users note the pleasant smell of the remedy.

vagsil feedbacks

Advantages of "Vagisil"

The "Vagisil" drug, which is confirmed by its effectiveness, has won its popularity among women all over the world. The young ladies call the following advantages of the gel:

  1. Helps to eliminate dryness in the intimate area.
  2. Contains natural ingredients.
  3. It is not a hormonal drug.
  4. It has a light aroma.
  5. PH is balanced.
  6. Suitable for daily use.
  7. Approved by gynecologists.
  8. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  9. Does not contain allergens.
  10. Enriched with vitamin E.
  11. Does not leave traces on the laundry.

Many women who experience uncomfortable feelings in the intimate zone solve this problem with the help of Vagisil gel. Reviews about it confirm the effectiveness and safety of the facility.

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