Herniated disc of the spine


Herniated spine is a diseasespinal column, which arises from injuries, diseases of the bone system or the lifting of an exorbitant load. In this case, the soft gelatinous core goes beyond the damaged fibrous ring. Naturally, this process is accompanied by pain, since the nerve endings of the disc are pinched by adjacent vertebrae. But the disc hernia occurs when the fibrous ring is not torn, but deformed, due to the fact that it is under constant pressure.

Treatment of such a problem should be comprehensive. Usually a herniated disc is treated with special anti-inflammatory drugs. However, in severe cases, this may not be enough.

If the disease has an easy form, then treatmenta hernia of the spinal disc is carried out with the help of non-steroid drugs that relieve pain and localize the inflammatory process. However, they can not be taken for a long time, since they are very unsafe for the digestive tract and for the whole organism. Moreover, these drugs are not able to completely eliminate the problem. Additional methods of treating the disease can be special physical activity, physiotherapy, rehabilitation exercises. These methods help to lessen the impact of mechanical factors that provoke pain, and also allow a person to learn how to properly control their own body. At home, discomfort in the spine helps to remove ice.

treatment of spinal disc herniation
Herniated disc can also be treated withmassage. A professional manual therapist, thanks to certain types of massage movements, can not only eliminate the pain syndrome, but also prevent further protrusion of the disc. Do not think that after the session you will be able to carry heavy things.

If the disease has a severe degree of development,then you may need to remove the disc herniation. The operation is performed when the problem has serious consequences: weakness, numbness of some parts of the body, inability to control the movement of the hands or feet. That is, only if conservative methods did not give the proper result.

Options for surgical intervention existseveral. First of all, dissolution of the damaged (protruding) disc can be used. Microsurgical removal is also often used. The operation provides for the elimination of compression of the spine, which is caused by hernia. The advantage of the procedure is the minimal period of recovery of the patient, the disappearance of the pain syndrome. At the same time, the skin, muscles or bones are practically not damaged.

removal of a herniated disc
However, it should be noted that in this way the hernia of the disc is not eliminated by all.

Indications for surgery are serious complications that significantly impair the quality of human life (the sensitivity of some parts of the body disappears, the movement of a person is limited).

In any case, the disease can not be started, as it can lead to complete paralysis of the body or a significant restriction of its mobility. In this case, the painful cider will only increase.

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