Pimples on the penis and other pathologies. What is the likelihood of a risk of getting sick.


What happens when you accidentally find onthe head of the penis pimples? Or it will be a different kind of rash, of which you previously heard only from the words of the doctor. If you have pimples on the penis, it is worth considering in detail what is their possible cause. This is especially important if you have a rash. Probably, it is necessary to address to the venereologist.

Common cause of sexual diseases

If you get sick, it means that your body"Signals" to you about a certain problem, for example, pimples on the penis. Therefore, you need to determine the source of the deviation, so that you have a correct diagnosis and, maybe, prescribed treatment. In the case of sexually transmitted diseases, their most common cause is insufficient hygienic care for their body. The fact is that in the foreskin of the head are lubricating glands. By allocating certain formations (lubrication), they promote bacterial reproduction. As a consequence, there are sexual infections.

Hygienic prevention

A simple rule of hygiene is that the penis andThe head should be washed with warm water and soapy water. Adhering to this rule before having sex, you minimize the risk of infecting your partner. But the pimples on the penis - this is not necessarily the result of infection.

Other Sexual Diseases

It's good if your sexuality crash is causedonly inadequate hygiene, which all must adhere to. There are worse reasons - serious diseases: AIDS, hepatitis B, venereal diseases, etc. Among them there are such ailments, the harbinger of which are pimples on the penis.

The category of lethal diseases includes syphilisand AIDS. Symptoms of the first are the so-called nodular formations. Over time, they turn into ulcers, and then into a small rash. The immunodeficiency virus (AIDS) currently does not respond to any treatment; its nature is not clear until the end.

Bumps on the penis in the form of bubbles with liquidtalk about a possible infection with genital herpes. Its causative agent is a virus that weakens the immune system. On the body of the penis there is a ulcerative rash, which brings unpleasant sensations. Also, herpes can provoke other dangerous diseases, hit the central nervous system.

Pimples on the penis are completely unrelated and withAnother virus that provokes a malignant tumor is the papilloma virus. To diagnose the disease apply the method of biopsy (circumcision of condyloma with its subsequent study). Condylomata can significantly increase if the body is weakened, until the appearance of the tumor.

Importance of preventive examination

That men had as little as possibletroubles with your penis, you need a regular preventive examination. This will help in time to notice a rash or whitish discharge in the area of ​​the head of the organ. The main thing is, at the first signs of any abnormalities, consult a doctor. And, of course, observe hygiene. Sometimes some tips for caring for the penis can be obtained at medical Internet forums. However, for serious violations, of course, the help of a qualified specialist is important.

Self-treatment is dangerous

Finally I would like to warn: Do not do self-diagnosis and self-medication, even if you only have pimples on your penis! After all, not knowing the diagnosis, which can only put the doctor, it is impossible to implement the correct treatment. And even if you have somewhere read something about similar to your symptoms and possible methods of treatment, take your time. Consult with the doctor, and if he confirms the correctness of the advice "from the grandmother", then apply what you read in practice. Self-medication is unpredictable and dangerous.

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