The medicine "Ingalipt". Instruction for children


The medicine "Ingalipt" (for children) is issued inform of spray or aerosol. The drug is used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The drug has an anesthetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.

It should be noted that the medicine "Ingalipt" has been used in pediatrics for more than forty years. Due to its high efficiency and affordable cost, the drug is in stable demand.

Ingalipt for children under one year is not intended.

The drug includes sulfatiazole, streptocide (sulfanilamide), eucalyptus oil, glycerol, peppermint oil, thymol.

The latter component is present in the oil, whichIsolate the leaves of thyme, or thyme ordinary. Timol is an antiseptic, used in the treatment of inflammatory pathologies in the upper parts of the respiratory tract.

Peppermint oil has a pronouncedAnalgesic, spasmolytic effect. The component has antitussive effect, in inflammatory processes it eliminates spasm in smooth muscles in the upper respiratory tract. Peppermint oil contains tannins, rutin, ascorbic acid, carotene, menthol.

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatorythe property is glycerol. The component also has a softening effect on the mucous membrane of the throat and mouth, removes the intercellular fluid from the tissues, promotes purulent purulent cleansing of the mucous membranes with laryngitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis, and tonsillitis.

Eucalyptus oil has antitussive,analgesic and antiseptic effect. This component is used for inhalation, has a pronounced healing effect, and also helps prevent the development of stagnant manifestations in tissues against the background of inflammatory processes.

The main active ingredient of the medicine"Ingalipt" is sulfonamide. This substance has antibacterial properties, promotes the blocking of enzymes of pathogenic bacteria, which, in turn, provokes the death of microbes and accelerates recovery.

The sulfatiazole component also has an antimicrobial effect, preventing the propagation of harmful bacteria.

The medicine "Ingalipt" instruction for childrenrecommends the use of pharyngitis, lacunar and follicular angina, tonsillitis (acute and chronic). The drug is indicated for laryngitis, aphthous stomatitis.

Use the "Ingalipt" tool for children recommends three or four times during the day.

Before irrigating the oral cavity with ulcers and erosions, the plaque should be removed with a cotton swab, after which the mouth should be rinsed with water (boiled).

Before use, remove the protective cap. The atomizer should be put on the valve stem and then inserted into the patient's mouth. Press the spray head for one or two seconds.

The drug "Ingalipt" instruction for children does not recommend prescribing for hypersensitivity to any component, the presence of allergic reactions in the medical history.

Patients under three years of age, as practice shows, do notvery well tolerate the treatment with aerosol formulations. In this regard, the medication "Ingalipt" instruction for children under three years of use does not recommend.

As side effects of the drugit should be noted a slight burning sensation in the esophagus region and nausea. Usually these undesirable reactions are a consequence of swallowing the drug. These side effects go by themselves and do not require additional therapy.

Before using the "Ingalipt" aerosol, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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