At what illnesses appear transparent sperm


Transparent sperm
Everyone knows that sperm is a secretion productmale genital organs. It is often called the "juice of life" because of the huge number of spermatozoa in its composition. The sperm of a healthy man has a sticky, viscous, non-uniform and opaque consistency of white color and the smell of a raw chestnut. The taste of sperm depends on the nutrition of the male. It can be both sweet and bitter.


Shade sperm can say a lot about the health of men.Grayish-white color is the norm. But often there are other shades of seminal fluid: milky white, yellowish white. Seeing any changes, a man often begins to worry and wonder about why sperm changed the consistency, why it changed in color or why the sperm is transparent? Each of these issues deserves attention, and we will answer them.

What affects sperm color

Any deviation is a sign of anydisease. The color of the sperm depends on the lifestyle of the man. For example, with frequent use of alcohol or antibiotics, the seminal fluid acquires a yellowish tinge. Also, the reason for changing its color can be food and various drinks. Beets can change not only the color of your urine, but also the color of the ejaculate. With a large amount of fluid used, liquid and clear semen can appear. But water is not the only reason. Transparent semen can be observed with frequent sexual activity or because of the small content of spermatozoa in it.

Why is sperm clear?
A small number of spermatozoa in the seedfluid leads to male infertility. This disease is called azoospermia. It can manifest itself for two reasons: there is poor permeability of the vas deferens or there is no production of spermatozoa in the testicles. Also, transparent semen can be observed because of the low content of testosterone in it. It also happens that a shade of semen is observed in a man because of natural (natural) factors. In any case, for complete certainty it is necessary to make a spermogram.


Some men do not know what preyakulyat.It is a colorless, transparent, viscous liquid that is released from the urethra during excitation. Inexperienced young people think that transparent sperm is released, but it is not. Before the onset of orgasm, the allocation of a clear liquid is the norm, but if such a color has sperm during ejaculation, then it is worthwhile to consult a specialist.

Semen is liquid and transparent
Reason to see a doctor

It is necessary to begin to worry ifsemen has a reddish hue. This means that the prostate gland or urethra is inflamed. A greenish or dirty yellow semen color indicates that an infectious process in the prostate may be developing, or there may be some sexually transmitted disease. Brown, dark color of ejaculate testifies to consequences of an inflammation of seminal vesicles, a testicle or vas deferens. In men after 50 years, a dark or brown shade of sperm indicates the possibility of such a disease as prostate cancer.


Sperm liquid and transparent may indicate a disease, so it is better not to hesitate, and to be examined by a good specialist.

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