Melissa: useful properties and methods of application


Melissa lemon is a perennial plant with a pronounced lemon flavor. It can grow in one place up to twenty years and reach a meter height.

Useful properties of lemon balm have been known to mankind for more than two thousand years, and mention of it as a medicine is already found in large numbers in ancient Greek physicians.

lemon balm useful properties
Melissa - useful properties and methods of treatmentthrough this plant are found in the works of the world famous doctor - Avicenna. He believed that the infusion of this plant very beneficially affects the heart muscle and helps dispel the "black melancholy" - so at that time they called depression. Then it was also recommended to use it as a compress from the bites of various insects.

Melissa is widely distributed in nature and hasa very wide range of habitats. It can be found both in Europe and Africa, and in North America. It can grow with a lot of sun, and in a strong shadow. This will affect its aromatic properties, but not on healing. Melissa multiplies in all possible ways: by fission, cuttings and seeds, however, it is most expedient to grow this plant from seed, since in the first year it does not give flowers, which increases the quality of the leaves.

lemon balm

At such plant, as a balm, useful propertiesnot limited only to a pleasant smell and taste. The leaves of this plant are incredibly rich in various essential oils. Until recently, it was widely used in perfumery, extracting and using essential oils from leaves, however, in recent years, in connection with the invention of cheaper substitutes, its use has significantly decreased.

Melissa, whose beneficial properties includethe action of substances, excellent toning the skin, is in demand among women. To prepare the broth, you need to take two tablespoons of a dry, crushed plant, pour it with half a liter of boiling water and boil for 30 minutes. After cooling, you can wipe the face with decoction. The procedure should be done several times a day. Store the resulting composition in a refrigerator for no more than 3 days. After the expiry of the period, it is necessary to pour out and prepare a new one.

In folk medicine, lemon balm, useful propertieswhich can be used as a natural pain reliever, is used to alleviate dental or headache. To do this, the plant is mixed with alcohol or vodka in the proportion of 1 to 3 and infused for a week.

useful properties of lemon balm
Melissa broth is very useful for poisoning.In this case, lemon juice is added and the patient is given a drink every 30 minutes. With attacks of rheumatism, this broth can help relieve pain. Compresses from crushed balm to painful areas of the body also help.

The use of this incredibly useful plantcan be found in a wide range of medical fields. Here, both its use for the treatment of various depressions, and the use of enemas with melissa to relieve pain and discomfort in exacerbating hemorrhoids. However, it is worth remembering that before self-medication it is always necessary to visit a doctor and listen to his recommendations.

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