Is thick sperm a norm or a deviation?


If you visit any website on the Internet,devoted to health, most of the articles will be on the topic of women's health. If to understand, this fact should not cause surprise. The fact is that most of the female diseases are associated with the individual characteristics of the organism of a single patient. Therefore, all methods of treatment and advice should be given only by qualified specialists during a personal examination.

However, some diseases, despitethat are universal, which affects the methods of treatment. In addition, television shows a huge amount of advertising of various medicinal products for women. As for the coverage of men's health, the media prefers only impotence and prostatitis, and this is not the only disease that is unique to men. Unfortunately, they do not write articles about them, ads are not removed, and most men remain completely ignorant, closing their eyes to problems. One of them is thick semen. Since men want to stay healthy, beautiful and refuse to admit their weakness, very often such, supposedly minor, problems are not solved, but ignored. Unfortunately, time heals only minor and traumatic injuries, but for serious illnesses it acts negatively. Therefore, if very thick semen, you need to understand this topic.

At first it is necessary to say that thick sperm do notcan only be from a long abstinence. If you do not have sex for a long time, the sperm can thicken a little, but it does not turn into jelly or curd mass. Many men, having noticed at themselves such problem, write off it on abstinence, however in most cases the dense semen appears at men who regularly live a sexual life. Therefore, "children's tales" about the abstinence and quality of sperm immediately should be discarded.

In addition, if we answer the question whysemen thick, you should pay attention to food. Since the male seed directly depends on the state of the whole organism (as well as, for example, snot, tear and saliva), its consistency may depend on nutrition, but not so much. True, regular use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoking and the intake of various strong medications can adversely affect health, which can cause dense sperm.

However, these are just small things that canslightly affect men's health. If the sperm has changed color, consistency and stands out in a strange way, then this is a manifestation of some disease. What exactly, it is very difficult to say, since there are lots of options. One of them can serve as a banal prostatitis, or, God forbid, cancer. It is also possible that some venereal disease manifests itself, therefore, a visit to the doctor is simply obligatory. The fact is that with such problems, men are immediately dealt with only when there is an acute need to have a child. In case the child is not planned, the representatives of the stronger sex ignore such minor problems as thick sperm - and very vain.

I want to appeal not only to men, but also towomen. Please, watch the health of your sexual partners. Despite the appearance of the appearance of resolute and strong individuals, men are very shy and insecure, especially as regards the issues of male diseases. So if you notice thick sperm, get the man to go to the doctor and check yourself, because very often such diseases can occur in both sexual partners. And men want to advise to think not only about themselves, but also about the health of their women, as well as about future children. Therefore, at the first manifestations of any violations, do not sit on the Internet in search of answers, and immediately go to the doctor.

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