White discharge in early pregnancy


As you know, a woman waiting for a baby is changingboth physiologically and emotionally. When pregnant in the early stages, she begins to feel nausea, poured breast. But as soon as there are not clear selections, the future mother begins to worry for her baby. But do not always give in to panic.

White discharge in early pregnancy
Allocations during pregnancy without color and odor -this is normal, as they ensure the development and preservation of your fetus in the early stages of gestation. During this period, the acidity of the vaginal environment changes, immunity weakens. It happens that white discharge in early pregnancy is observed in large numbers. If they are plentiful and have a sour smell, it is better to go to a doctor immediately. Such symptoms may indicate that a woman has thrush or vaginal candidiasis. Additional signs of these diseases can be burning and itching in the perineum after water procedures. Fungi that live in the vagina of a woman, begin to actively develop, which leads to this disease. If you notice white discharge early in pregnancy, it is strongly recommended that you consult a good doctor. If untreated, the curdled discharge can increase and even cover the mucous membrane. Such films are very difficult to remove from the mucosa and, as a rule, leave after themselves painful bleeding wounds.

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What to do if there are white discharge in the early pregnancy?

If you start white selection on an earlyterm of pregnancy, they must be treated. For this, today there are quite effective special drugs that are not absorbed completely into the blood of a future mother and do not harm the baby. It is best to treat during pregnancy, and not after, since this disease can get sick and baby. This fungus can cause an intrauterine infection and lead to the death of the fetus. Most often, candidiasis appears in the baby immediately after birth and can provoke such diseases as meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia. Suspicious discharges can be supplemented by a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which is similar to pain in menstruation. If you have yellow strange discharge during pregnancy, it means that you need to take care of your health urgently. Such discharge may indicate the presence of gonorrhea. Based on the foregoing, it is necessary in any case to consult a specialist, and not to engage in self-medication. Transparent, yellow, brown, white discharge in the early stages of pregnancy is not always an excuse for experience. The main thing is to turn to the gynecologist in time. He will be able to determine why this symptom has appeared and what are its causes. Pregnancy in the early stages, as you know, can occur in all different ways.

In early pregnancy

What to do to avoid thrush?

White allocation in the early period can be bypassedside. But for this you need to worry about your immunity in advance. It should be properly and fully eat, eat plenty of vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish and various mush. It is necessary to lead an active and positive way of life, try to go in for sports, to be outdoors. Walking is useful not only for the future mother, but for the future baby.

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