Artificial insemination: reviews, preparation, effectiveness


Today, a diagnosis of infertility, which is put almostevery fifth married couple, is not a verdict. Modern reproductive technologies help to get the long-awaited baby to many childless families.

One of them is artificial insemination, reviews about which are mostly good. It is considered the most simple, inexpensive and safe of reproductive technologies.

During this procedure, the sperm of a donor or husband is injected into the female's genitals. It is painless, but sometimes unpleasant sensations occur.

Intrauterine insemination, reviews of patients aboutwhich is quite good, has been held in Russia since 1987. This manipulation is well proven. It is performed with cervical and male infertility factors, and also if a woman wants to conceive a baby without sexual intercourse.

However, the main drawback of modernreproductive technologies - their not very high performance. It depends on the chosen clinic and the professionalism of doctors. Nevertheless, couples who decided to use reproductive technologies should be prepared for the fact that there can be many attempts.

Artificial insemination, reviews aboutthe effectiveness of which is different, is not carried out with the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and also their absence. It will not lead to success in high endometriosis.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, three attempts are made in one cycle. With the help of ultrasound follow the maturation of the follicles and determine the time of ovulation.

Attempts are carried out on the eve, on the same day and on the following day. This is how insemination is carried out in the natural cycle, however, its effectiveness is lower.

If a woman has problems with her ownovulation and endometrium, then doctors resort to stimulation with hormonal drugs. It is recommended for unsuccessful attempts, as it increases the chances of success.

The sperm of the donor or husband is processed. This is done to eliminate microorganisms that can cause inflammation. In addition, immobile and pathological spermatozoa are eliminated from the ejaculate. To exclude anaphylactic shock and allergy from sperm, proteins alien to the female body are removed.

Artificial insemination, reviews of which are good, is performed on a gynecological chair. During the procedure, a special catheter is inserted into the uterus, through which purified semen enters.

After it, a woman should be at least half an hour in a lying position. Then you can start normal business, however, refrain from sex and lifting weights.

After 18 days in the absence of menstruation,pregnancy test. If there is no positive result, then the procedure will have to be repeated. With multiple unsuccessful attempts, it is recommended to switch to IVF.

Contraindications for the procedure:

  • mental and physical illnesses incompatible with pregnancy;
  • pathology and malformations of the uterus, in which it is impossible to bear the baby;
  • ovarian tumor;
  • acute inflammation in the body;
  • cancer.

Possible complications:

  • ovarian hyperstimulation;
  • allergic reactions;
  • multiple and ectopic pregnancy;
  • inflammation of the uterus and its appendages;
  • When introduced into the uterus of the sperm, a shock-like reaction may occur.

The effectiveness of the procedure ranged from 3 to 41%. An average of 15%.

According to statistics, the procedure is most effective under the following conditions:

  • Minimal stimulation of ovulation with maturation of several oocytes is performed;
  • sperm is quality and properly processed;
  • Fallopian tubes are passable, their function is not disturbed;
  • woman under 30 years.

So, artificial insemination, reviews about whichgood, is a painless, inexpensive and safe reproductive technology. Its main drawback is low efficiency and the need to conduct several attempts.

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