What do white dots on the head of the penis say?


Often during puberty, young peoplenotice the white dots on the head of the penis or on the bridle, of course, the first reaction is fear. Many people think that this is a venereal disease. More often than not, this is a common phenomenon that passes on its own and does not require medical intervention. But to completely exclude STDs, it is necessary to undergo a survey, because white dots may indicate the presence of papillomavirus infection.

To begin with it is possible to spend in house conditionssimple test for the detection of sexual infection. Take a cotton swab or a stick moistened with a 5% solution of acetic medical acid and anoint the affected area of ​​the skin, then leave for a few minutes. If after a certain time the point has not changed color, then you can not worry, because this is a commonplace pimple. But in the event that the site is white, it indicates a condyloma.

Usually the white dots on the head are frequentin adolescence, they can be located not only on the head, but on any part of the body. Special discomfort, they do not cause, but sometimes these pimples can erupt and cause pain. In no case do not try to squeeze them out yourself, because you can put the infection in the wound, it can lead to various complications. Then you may have to be treated with antibiotics.

The second advice is thorough and regular hygiene ingenital area. After each sexual act, take a shower. It is recommended to maintain a sparing diet: not to abuse sweet and flour products, less to eat salty and spicy food. Sometimes white dots on the penis head become red, and often black.

The reason for this transformation is inphysiological features of acne. If these recommendations are observed, eventually the white dots on the head will completely disappear, leaving no trace. If a similar problem is observed in adult men, this may indicate an increase in the sebaceous glands. Although such a problem arises extremely rarely - it should not be frightened. Sexually, this phenomenon is not transmitted, just visit a dermatologist, who will prescribe a course of medical therapy.

Convex white dots on the penis and scrotum canpoint to the hair follicles, from which subsequently grow hair, the rest of these points will remain forever. Do not worry - this does not pose any threat to health and nothing to do with them is not necessary.

Often, white dots on the head of the penis, scrotumor in the inguinal region indicate the development of fat cysts. The reason for this is a blockage of the sebaceous glands. This can happen to every man. Such formations are not dangerous, do not cause discomfort and are practically not visible. But it is necessary to know that brushes can become inflamed when rubbing against narrow underwear, and then surgical intervention is required.

The operation itself is short and safe,lasts for several minutes. Fatty cysts are not a frequent phenomenon, they are mainly affected by adolescents and those men who are constantly experiencing stressful and depressive conditions.

Take for the rule - every month carefullyto examine the sexual organ, scrotum and groin. Examine all newly formed spots, pimples, dots, moles on the surface. If you notice flaking, itching, or tightness, immediately go check-in, because such manifestations very often speak about the presence of venereal diseases.

With the onset of sexual activity not only appearspleasure, but also, first of all, responsibility to yourself and your partner, therefore observance of precautionary measures (protective equipment, exclusion of casual unprotected sexual relations, careful intimate hygiene) is extremely important.

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