Ginger root as a remedy for losing weight


Ginger - the name of the genus of perennial herbaceousplants belonging to the family Ginger. He was brought from South Asia to Europe in the Middle Ages. Ginger root was used not only as a spice. The plant has won the reputation of an effective tool that helps to cope with a variety of diseases.

ginger root

Description and properties

The root of ginger has the appearance of a bizarre imagejoined together rounded pieces and resembles the horns of hoofed animals, which is reflected in the Latin name of the plant. The word Zingiber is formed by a combination of Sanskrit words meaning "in the form of a horn". Specific spicy smell of the plant due to its constituent organic compounds - sesquiterpenes. Rhizomes contain essential oils, B vitamins, vitamin C, essential amino acids, trace elements, as well as resinous substances that cause a burning taste of spices.

how to lose weight with ginger

Ginger root has many useful fororganism properties. A unique plant has long been used in medicine, and in cooking, and in cosmetology. One of the properties of the root is especially valuable for people with excess weight, before whom the question of how to lose weight is acute. With ginger, getting rid of excess kilograms is possible, since it has the ability to normalize the digestion process and speed up ("disperse") the metabolism. However, the process of acquiring a slender figure will require time and observance of two important conditions. Those wishing to gain their former harmony should:

  • remember the importance of physical exercises and not neglect them;
  • Healthy food.

If a root of ginger is introduced into the diet,The diet should not undergo significant changes. The way to a slender figure will still lie through the consumption of food rich in vegetable fiber. In this everyday menu should contain high-calorie foods in strictly limited quantities and completely eliminate pastries and sweets.

How to use ginger root for weight loss

Chemical composition of dry product and fresh roothas some differences. With a view to losing weight, it is better to use a fresh root, since its properties are more focused on solving the problems of the digestive system.

root of ginger diet

It is useful to drink ginger regularly throughout the day.tea, prepared from a piece of rhizome length of 4-5 centimeters. The root is rubbed on a grater, poured with a liter of water and cooked for 10 minutes over low heat. Decoction filter, cool and add to it lemon juice. To improve the taste of the drink, it is recommended to add a little honey. You can not boil the ginger root, and pour a liter of boiling water and insist for about an hour. Weight loss is also observed with regular consumption of green tea with the addition of a pinch of dry ginger.

On fasting days nutritionists recommend a salad with the addition of ginger. To prepare it you will need:

  • on 1 part of roots of ginger and a celery, a peel of an orange;
  • 2 parts beet, boiled or baked in the oven, and lemon;
  • 3 parts of fresh carrots;
  • vegetable oil.

Before using slimming products that include ginger, you need to make sure there are no diseases in which this spice is contraindicated.

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