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When a medication is prescribed to a patient,he looks for reviews about the drug and collects opinions of consumers. On the one hand, this information is interesting and useful. But on the other hand, the reaction of each organism is individual. Therefore, one should not blindly believe experienced users and follow their recommendations. Today's article will introduce you the line "Vagizil". You will find out more about the drugs.

vagizil reviews

Short description of products and their types

Before you learn about what has"Vagizil" reviews, you should tell what it is. You can buy the entire product line at the pharmacy. Drugs are dispensed without a prescription. This includes tools such as "Vagizil" gel, wet wipes with the same name, cream for intimate areas, as well as deodorant powder. The composition of the preparations includes vegetable and moisturizing components, fragrances, glycerin and other components. What opinions are formed among consumers about the Vagizil line?

vagizil reviews

Feedback on the action

What do women say about Vagizil? The opinions of the fairer sex are rather controversial. Most say that the remedy has a pleasant consistency. The cream perfectly moisturizes, removes itching and dryness. At the same time, it does not leave greasy marks on the laundry. For many women, this remedy has helped to get rid of discomfort and discomfort after childbirth, as well as during menopause. Gel for intimate hygiene "Vagizil" reviews also gets good. The product gently cleanses the intimate area without causing irritation. The gel leaves behind an imperceptible thin film that protects against bacteria and microbes. The powder absorbs several times more moisture than normal talc.

There are also negative opinions about the remedy. Women expect the drug to be much more than it gives. Indications for use include discomfort, unpleasant odor, discharge and itching. All these symptoms often occur with infectious diseases. However, the line "Vagizil" does not struggle with them. Products only give women a sense of comfort, covering the symptoms. It turns out that women get money for treatment, but they do not. The manufacturer says that such opinions are a result of self-deception. The instructions clearly describe that the drugs "Vagizil" are not medicines. They are designed exclusively for intimate care.

vaghyzil price

"Vagizil": the price of funds and opinions about it

Despite the fact that opinions about the means of the rulerthere are different, women came together in one. Consumers say that the cost of these drugs is quite high. If you compare the price and quality, then we can say that care is expensive.

Women report that the most popularthe product is a gel. It is available in a volume of 355 ml. You will get around 500 rubles. Grabs the drug for a while. The average duration of use is 2 months. If you apply the drug twice a day, then the container will be emptied after a month. The cream costs about 400 rubles. Women say that it is more profitable to buy a larger package. The cost will be profitable. Napkins cost 500 rubles. For this amount you will get 12 pieces. Agree, it's expensive ?! Powder costs almost 600 rubles and is produced in the amount of 227 grams.

vagisil gel


Means of "Vagizil" have recently acquiredmore and more popularity. Even doctors sometimes recommend using them. However, it is worth being ready for the fact that this line is like cosmetics. You will not get a healing effect and will not get rid of existing pathologies. As a means to care for the intimate area "Vagizil" deserves praise, despite its high cost. Of the 100 women interviewed who used the drug, more than 60 were satisfied. When purchasing these or other pharmacy products, consult with specialists and choose the drugs correctly. I wish you success!

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