We are treated with folk remedies! Tarragon: useful properties


People have known since the time of the Egyptian pyramidsa plant such as tarragon. Its useful properties can not be overestimated! This perennial plant is also called "tarhun" and outwardly similar to wormwood. Tarragon is a small shrub up to 1 meter high. It can be recognized by the characteristic leaves of a dark green color, as well as a strong spicy aroma. If you try the leaf for taste, it will remind you of pineapple.

tarragon useful properties

There are many areas of life whereproved to be a useful tarragon. Its use is not limited only to medicine, tarhun is universally used in cooking due to its unique flavor. The herb is added to various salads, and also used for salting vegetables. It grows in the very beginning of spring, as soon as snow melts. The first 3 years is the ideal time to collect tarragon. Useful properties of plants at this time reach their heyday, and eventually they are lost (the plant lives about 10 years).

When collecting, you should consider that cutting the plantshould not be lower than 12 cm, and the more often you cut off the tops of the plant, the more new shoots it gives. Thus, with regular care at your fingertips there will always be fresh soft and fragrant tarragon leaves.

Even in ancient times, people knew the curativethe strength that tarragon possesses. Its useful properties are due to the high content of carotene and vitamin C. In addition, thanks to its spice, the herb can give courage and strength to any person. However, not only leaves contain the healing power, which is so famous tarragon.

Useful properties of shoots, of whichmake a fragrant essential oil, are also known to many. It tastes sharp with a light bitter taste, and contains such useful substances as phellandren, ocimene and sabinen.

In folk medicine, grass is used as avitamin and diuretic. The tarragon beverage is useful in combating depression, headache and toothache, poor appetite and insomnia. Regular use of this drink greatly improves appetite and stimulates digestion. Gradually you will feel, how the dream is adjusted, and nerves become stronger.

grass tarragon application

But this is not limited to the field of applicationa plant such as tarragon. Useful properties of its useful and dieticians who recommend it as a means to lose weight. Most salt-free diets are not without the tarragon, as it is an excellent natural salt substitute. If you need to reduce the salt content in food, use tarragon, and your body will not suffer!

However, this plant also has contraindications.The most important thing is that it can not be used in any way during pregnancy, as the tar-band can provoke a miscarriage. With epilepsy, it is also better to give it up. Since this plant is classified as toxic, it should be used reasonably and wisely. You can eat it regularly only for a month, otherwise you will encounter nervous disorders, hallucinations and seizures.

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