Why newborn gases


in newborn gases
No doctor can give a definite answer toThe question of what causes gas in newborns. Perhaps, the fault is due to the immature digestive system, and perhaps, the stress of new impressions (you must agree, they always arise from the baby). In addition, colic may be a reaction to any foods injected with the mother's milk. It is best to consult a pediatrician. Naturally, the newborn gas causes tears. However, it is important to distinguish crying because of colic from crying caused by other causes. Often young parents explain the cries of the baby with colic, but this is not always true.

Baby crying with colic or gas

Cries of the child in this case arepiercing and sudden. The newborn while clinging to the fists firmly, knees and bends his back. Many parents, faced with the fact that neither feeding nor changing diapers help, are lost and do not know what to do. The kid feels it and cries even harder. If these signs occur, it is likely that the newborn has gas.


How to help the baby? The main recommendation is for a young mother: you must first adjust your diet. Here is the list of products that affect the stomach of the child not in the best way: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, all dairy products, caffeine, chocolate, spices, root vegetables. If possible, try to limit their use.

gases in newborns

How to relieve the child's condition?

For a start, remember: gases in a newborn is not a pathology, but a completely natural process. Do not forget also that the phenomenon is temporary, all children face it. It is important for you to keep patience and not lose your temper - the baby feels your condition. So, here are the actions that will remove the pain syndrome:

  1. Lower the little face of the baby to your hand and shake it in this position.
  2. Carefully place a heating pad under the belly of the newborn - the heat should take away the pain.
  3. Have a newborn gas?Many pediatricians advise in this case to prepare a warm bath - this will reassure the baby. After bathing, you can make him an easy relaxing massage: oil his hands and quietly remember his tummy (movements must be directed downwards). The main thing is to let the child know that you are there, and very soon your peace will be transferred to him. Do not forget also that massage is not recommended to do directly during colic.

gases in the newborn
Complex of exercises

The purpose of these exercises is toimprove the digestive system. First, make contact with the baby - gently touch his tummy and make sure that right now it does not hurt anything. As a rule, if a newborn has gases, it becomes irritable and whiny. It is important to "catch the moment". Place the palm on the child's tummy and stroke it from the top down. The exercise must be repeated six times. For convenience, you can hold the baby's legs with the other hand. Then connect his knees and lift them to the stomach - this will facilitate the escape of gases. Repeat for a few minutes. Finally, lightly shake the child's hips so that he can relax.

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