Ointment "Pantoderm" - instructions for use


The drug "Pantoderm" is aa five-percentage ointment of yellowish color. The active substance is dexpanthenol. Other (auxiliary) substances: almond oil and vaseline, white wax, petroleum jelly, water, lanolin alcohols, cetastearyl alcohol.

The tool "Pantoderm" refers to drugs that improve the regeneration and trophism of tissues. The medicine is used externally.

pantoderm ointment manual
"Pantoderm" (ointment) (the instruction indicates this) has a metabolic, regenerating and weak anti-inflammatory effect.

The active component passes into the body inactive metabolite - pantothenic acid. This substance is an integral component of coenzyme A. This coenzyme is a catalyst for acetylation, takes part in metabolic processes, namely, in the cycle of tricarboxylic acids, the metabolism of fatty acids, fats and carbohydrates, proteins, and phospholipids. In addition, it provides both the formation of corticosteroids, as well as the acetylation of choline.

pantoderm instructions for use
The drug "Pantoderm" instruction recommendsUse for dry skin, dermatitis, burns and wounds, diaper rash, pressure sores. The medicine is prescribed for abscesses, furuncles after the opening and sanitation. The tool "Pantoderm" instruction also recommends for aseptic postoperative wounds, for the treatment of skin grafts that do not stick well on the skin. The drug is indicated during lactation for the prevention of nipple cracks in nursing, in the therapy of infants as a preventive and therapeutic agent for diaper rash. The agent helps to intensify the healing processes of the skin as a result of minor damage or erythema from skin contact with diapers.

The medicine "Pantoderm" (the instruction indicates this) accelerates mitosis, strengthens the strength of collagen fibers, stimulates the regenerative activity of not only the skin, but also the mucous membranes.

The drug is applied a thin layer externally to the affected (inflamed or damaged) areas from one to three to four times a day.

Treatment of mammary glands in nursing shouldexercise after each feeding. The drug is applied after each feeding, it is allowed to use as compresses. The treatment of the skin of the infant is performed with each change of the diaper.

pantoderm instruction

The use of medication can provoke allergic reactions. However, this side effect is quite rare.

The drug "Pantoderm" (the instruction contains such information) is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity.

No cases of overdose were noted in practice. There is no information on the interaction of the drug with other medicines.

The drug should be stored in a dry place,protected from light. The temperature should not be more than twenty-five degrees. The medicine "Pantoderm" (instruction for use confirms this) should be in places inaccessible to children.

Before use, consult a doctor.

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