Oxolin ointment: reviews, rules of use, contraindications


Oksolinovaya ointment is a medicinalmeans for external use. Active ingredient in it is oxoline (the trade name of a substance that has an antiviral effect). In the USSR, it was registered more than forty years ago, but there is no information that analogues of oxoline and oxolin ointment are used to treat patients in any other countries. Currently, he produces several drugs based on this substance: oxolin ointment, "Tetracsoline", "Oxsonftilin".

Ointment based on oxoline is manufactured in metal tubes of 10 (0.25%) or 30 (3%) grams. A drug with a different concentration of active substance is intended for different purposes. Thus, 0.25% oxolin ointment (nasal) is used for the prevention of influenza and the treatment of viral rhinitis. During the epidemic, it is lubricated by nasal passages before going out into the street. Preventive measures are taken within 25 days. Viral rhinitis is treated for 3-4 days: for this ointment is used 2-3 times a day.

For external use, 3% oxolin ointment is used. Reviews speak of her effectiveness against herpetic ulcers,warts and even genital warts. Apply an ointment of 3% concentration on mucous membranes, it can be used only on the skin. Ointment is applied 2-3 times a day for two to eight weeks, depending on the indications. After lubricating the warts, they are covered on top with waxed paper and left so for a while to enhance the effect.

Available about the drug "Oxolin Ointment" reviewsthey say that when applied, a burning sensation is possible, which, however, soon passes. Sometimes hypersensitivity to the drug is also observed, therefore, if the burning sensation is too strong, the use of the ointment should be discontinued. For the same reason, oksolinovuyu ointment should not be used to treat children under one year. It should be avoided on the wound surface or skin, pathologically altered due to some disease (eczema, dermatitis, etc.). As for the possibility of using this drug by pregnant women, then it is usually not contraindicated to them. Oksolinovaja ointment at a lactemia also it is not forbidden. However, given the possibility of individual oxolin intolerance, it is probably still worthwhile to replace it with other agents in these periods.

The manufacturer stated that this tooleffectively fights against influenza and herpes viruses, as well as adenoviruses, suppressing their activity. Nevertheless, reviews about him can be found various: both positive and negative (the latter, for the most part, are related to the lack of effect from the use of the drug). So, many believe that it was the oksolinovaya ointment (the reviews confirm this) helped them not to catch the flu during the epidemic. Skeptics also argue that the concentration of the active ingredient in the oxoline ointment is too small for it to have a therapeutic effect. Cases, when she really helped, they are explained by the so-called "placebo effect" - a self-hypnosis, or a mere coincidence. This opinion in most cases is due to the fact that, despite the long experience of using oxolin ointment, during its clinical trials its effectiveness has not been proved.

Thus, everyone has the opportunity,using the available "Oxolin Ointment" reviews, to draw conclusions about its effectiveness or unreliability. The choice is always, and for the same, in particular, the prevention of influenza can buy this tool, and you can use salt solutions, periodically irrigating them with the nose cavity - this method, in the opinion of experts, is extremely effective in the midst of the epidemic.

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