If the tick was bitten: extraction instruction


With the advent of spring, not only did nature blossom,green all around, but also activated various insects, including mites. Therefore, in the warm season on returning from a forest or city walk home you need to carefully inspect the body for the presence of ticks. Ideally, even before leaving for the forest, it is necessary to treat clothing and exposed parts of the body with a special protective spray. The fact is that the symptoms after a tick bite are usually not immediately felt, they appear only after a few hours. Usually this is the redness and swelling of the skin in this place. It is much easier to extract a tick if it has only recently attached to the skin, later it will be much more difficult.

If after the examination you found on the skin of a tick, the main thing in this situation is not to panic, but to act.

Helpful information

The first thing you need to know if the tick is bitten: the risk that it is the encephalitis mite is almost zero. Of course, they occur more or less often, but mostly to the east of the Volga. In the event that the tick was bitten, and you could not overcome your panic and want to exclude this small opportunity - contact your doctor within three days of the bite. There you will enter an antidote, and you can no longer worry about that the tick infected you with encephalitis or another terrible disease. If you want, you can take the insect to a test in the laboratory.

And in order to get rid of unrest in the future, you need to get an inoculation against encephalitis. Thanks to her, your body will produce antibodies, which in two counts will defeat the virus.

Technique for extracting the mite

Immediately need to remove the tick. You can contact the doctors, they will professionally extract it. But if you can get professional medical care at the moment is impossible or difficult, you can pull the mite yourself. It is not difficult to do this.

If the tick sucked in place, it's hard for youaccessible, ask a relative or friend to do this procedure. Find the tweezers and make the eyelet out of the thread. A tick of liquid oil should be applied to the mite. Then carefully and attentively, you need to put a loop on it or press it with a pair of tweezers. Then you can start pulling the mite. This is done with the help of unscrewing movements. It is necessary to be careful not to tear the body of the tick away from its head, since if it remains in the skin, then it will be much harder to extract. Prolonged presence in the skin as a whole tick, and one of its heads can lead to inflammation of the soft tissues. After the extraction of the insect, the place of bite must be disinfected.


In order to avoid a tick bite, several simple rules must be observed.

1. When hiking in the forest, you need to dress so that there are no exposed legs. The best thing is to put pants in your socks. Or just go to the forest in boots.

2. It has long been believed that mites can jump from plants to humans. But in fact, this is not entirely true. They live at the tips of grass, from there they cling to the body of the passing person, and then crawl upward in search of a place accessible to the bite. Up to the waist the mite can crawl for 30 minutes. That's why you should, if possible, examine yourself about every half hour. In the event that the tick was bitten, it is necessary to immediately take care of its removal.

3. When leaving the forest, it is necessary to shake off your clothes and carefully inspect it for mites, so as not to bring the pest home, because there he can continue his hunt.

And finally

A lot of people are shocked at seeing theseinsects, in confusion trying to figure out - where to turn when bitten by a tick. But to be frightened in this situation it is not necessary. It is important not to forget these recommendations, and the risk of bite will be minimal. But, and if a tick is bitten, it is necessary, without losing time, to take actions aimed at extracting it.

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