How to properly treat scabies at home.


It has long been known that scabies areinfectious parasitic skin disease, which is most often caused by various types of scabies, and is accompanied by regular nocturnal itching of the external skin, permanent combs and paired papules - vesicles. Infection with scabies mainly occurs either with sexual contact, or along the way of life. This type includes clothing and bed linen, as well as itching is transferred through a handshake and personal hygiene items. The main complaint of patients with scabies is a regular nighttime itch which prevents people from sleeping and badly affects the psyche.

The causative agents of scabies are smallMicroorganisms that are small in size, and are almost not visible to the naked eye. Basically, people bite the mite of a tick, and they try to make passages under the stratum corneum of the epidermis, and put about 2 or 3 eggs a day, if possible. Of these eggs, within 10-15 days, small larvae hatch, which in just a month can turn into adult individuals.

How does scabies.

On the patient's body, scabies are usually depicted inThe form of gray-dirty spots of gray color, and in shape in the form of straight or winding lines, the so-called itch moves. Such manifestations are most often observed in the interdigital folds on the legs and hands, the wrists of the patient, its lateral surfaces on the fingers. In addition, quite often, combs can be found in the area of ​​the elbows, buttocks and abdomen. Moreover, the treatment of scabies at home in these places is simply impossible. It is worth noting that if your little child has scabies appeared on the palms and soles of the feet, then the treatment of scabies in the home should be postponed, and urgently to consult a specialist.

The main characteristic of the appearance of scabiesis an itch, which is a kind of manifestation of an allergy to an itch mite. Most often, the allergy is caused by the presence of the tick itself under the skin. At the same time, the treatment of scabies in the home is limited only to the rapid delivery of the mite and the treatment of the area of ​​damaged skin.

Typical manifestations of scabies in humans.

1. Constant itching, which often intensifies in the evening or at night.

2. Severe polymorphism, or a sharp appearance on the skin of papules and vesicles, which are covered with hemorrhagic crusts.

3. Appearance of scabies in the interdigital folds of the hands, in the area of ​​wrist and elbow joints, itching in the abdomen, lateral surfaces of the trunk and in the lumbosacral region.

Diagnosis and treatment of scabies.

Diagnosis of scabies is mainly composed ofa clinical picture of itching. The main diagnostic symptom and symptom of scabies, which distinguishes it from other varieties of itching dermatoses, is the shape of the itch. Only a dermatologist can treat scabies, but with mild cases. When symptoms have not yet manifested, it is possible to carry out an independent extraction of the pathogen. Thus, if you know that this case does not apply to complex, then the treatment of scabies at home will only benefit the patient.

It should be noted that even after a fulltreatment of pruritus under the skin may persist for several more weeks, even if the treatment for scabies was performed by a professional specialist. This effect is the usual manifestation of the side effect of the drug or a simple confirmation of the presence of larvae under the skin until now. Then you will need to once again perform the procedure for the treatment of scabies in the home.

In general, try to dress as often as possible in outer clothing and beware of abandoned forest sites. In summer, a huge number of mites can get on you from grass and trees.

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