The drug "Pharmatex" (cream). Instructions for use


The drug "Pharmatex" (cream) refers tocontraceptive means. Active component of benzalkonium hydrochloride. The active substance belongs simultaneously to the categories of spermicidal and antiseptic agents. The component destroys the spermatozoon membranes. The action is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, the flagellum is destroyed, on the second stage - the head rupture. This causes the inability to later fertilization. The drug "Pharmatex" (cream) (the doctors' testimonials testify to this) significantly reduces the probability of pregnancy, but does not guarantee 100% protection. In addition, the drug is active against many pathogens of the reproductive system. In particular, the remedy is effective against gonococcus, herpes virus, chlamydia, HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, vaginal trichomonas. Does not affect the drug on mycoplasmas. The drug does not affect the vaginal saprophyte flora.

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Means "Pharmatex" (cream). Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is intended to provide localcontraception. Assign a remedy to women of reproductive age who do not have contraindications to the use of oral or barrier contraceptives (spirals). Medication "Pharmatex" (cream) instruction for use recommends during lactation, after childbirth, abortion, in the period before menopause. The medication is indicated in case of need to provide episodic contraception, with regular intake of contraceptives in case of being late in admission or skipping the next pill. The drug provides additional protection when using intrauterine spirals or diaphragms, especially on the basis of combined therapy with NSAIDs.

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The drug "Pharmatex" (cream). Instructions for use. Contraindications

The medicine is not prescribed for mental disorders,lack of proper use of the tool. Women who do not tolerate any kind of interference with the genital area who disagree with this type of contraception are strictly prohibited from taking medication. Do not prescribe the drug for hypersensitivity, colpitis, irritation or ulceration of the vaginal mucosa.

pharmatex cream instructions for use
During pregnancy, any negativeinfluence on the fetus or mother's condition was not found, there was no penetration of benzalkonium chloride into the blood. However, the appointment in the period of gestation is performed by a doctor.

The drug "Pharmatex" (cream). Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

Medication with topical use mayprovoke contact dermatitis, burning, itching mucous. As a rule, these manifestations are associated with the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. If these symptoms or other negative consequences are not described in the annotation, you should stop using the drug and visit a doctor.

Cream "Pharmatex". Price

The cost of the drug in pharmacies - about 300 p.

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