The drug "Urolesan". Instructions for use


The drug "Urolesan" is a combinednatural remedy. Contains medicament essential oils of castor oil, fir, peppermint and extracts of medicinal herbs (wild carrots, hops, common oregano). Drug "Urolesan" instruction for use recommends the removal of urinary and gallstones (concrements) from the body.

The components contained in the drug are able to penetrate through the microcracks on the surface of the stones, thus destroying them from the inside.

In addition, the efficacy of the drug for colic (renal and hepatic) has been established.

The drug has an anti-inflammatory,bactericidal, diuretic and choleretic properties. Issued in the form of capsules and syrup for oral (ingestion), the drug "Urolesan" is able to eliminate infections of the kidneys and bladder. There are also drops for internal use. In addition, the drug enhances blood flow to the liver and kidneys, stabilizes the tone of the muscles of the urinary tract and gall bladder.

Means "Urolesan". Application

Drops for oral administration are prescribed atcholelithiasis and urolithiasis, dyskinesia in bile ducts, inflammatory processes in the gallbladder of chronic course, urine acid diathesis, acute pyelonephritis.

Capsules and syrup "Urolesan" instructions foruse in addition recommends for the treatment of infectious diseases in the kidney and bladder of chronic and acute course, urolithiasis. The drug is also indicated for the purpose of preventing the formation of new concrements after removal.

The medicine "Urolesan". Instructions for use. Dosage

It is recommended to take the medication before meals inside.

The recommended dose of the drug is "Urolesan" (drops) - eight to ten drops three times a day. Children (from seven to fourteen years old) are prescribed on a piece of sugar five to six drops sublingually (dissolve).

Capsules are recommended to take one three times a day.

Syrup "Urolesan" instructions for userecommends appointing three times a day for five milliliters before meals. Dosage for children: from seven to fourteen years - four to five milliliters, two to seven - four milliliters, from one to two years - 1-2 ml.

To eliminate hepatic or renal colic, take once 10 ml of syrup or fifteen to twenty drops, or two capsules.

Duration of treatment of pathologies in acuteflow, as a rule, five to seven days. Therapy of chronic diseases lasts from a week to a month. If necessary (on the recommendation of a specialist), repeated treatment courses can be conducted.

A syrup is allowed to be administered to children from a year, drops from seven years, capsules from fourteen.

The medicine "Urolesan". Contraindications

Do not administer medication with an ulcer induodenal ulcers or stomach, hyperacid gastritis, hypersensitivity to components. Contraindicated drug in the presence of concrements with a diameter of more than three millimeters.

The tool "Urolesan" instruction for use is notrecommends taking pregnant and lactating women. If it is necessary to carry out therapy during lactation, feeding should be stopped. Do not prescribe medication to patients with diabetes mellitus.

Side effects of the drug "Urolesan"

As observations show, the remedy is transferred,in general, good. However, when taking a large amount of medicine, dyspeptic phenomena (vomiting, nausea and others), allergies (rashes or itching), dizziness occur.

Despite the fact that the reviews about the tool "Urolesan"in most cases, positive, the drug should not be taken without consulting a specialist. Before using the medication, you need to carefully study the annotation.

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