Opatanol (eye drops). Instructions


Opatanol (eye drops) is recommended to use to eliminate symptoms of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. Active ingredient: rylate as hydrochloride.

Opatanol instruction recommends the use of twiceper day. Bury it one drop at a time in the conjunctival sac of the affected eyes (eyes). If necessary, the doctor may recommend continuing treatment for four months.

When used in elderly patients of the drug "Opatanol" (eye drops), the instruction does not require correction of dosage.

In pediatrics, medication is allowed to be administered to patients from three years of age. Dosage is set the same as for adults.

Studies on the effect of prochlorate (actingcomponent) on the condition of patients with disorders of kidney and liver function was not performed. However, for these patients with the use of the drug "Opatanol" (eye drops), the instruction does not require correction of dosage.

The medication is antihistamine,antiallergic for topical use. At the same time the drug is absorbed systemically. If any signs of negative reactions, including hypersensitivity, appear, it is recommended to stop using the medication.

Clinical data on the use of opathanol inpregnancy time is absent. During the experiments on animals, direct or negative indirect effects were not revealed. However, the use of the drug "Opatanol" (eye drops) instruction to women during gestation is not recommended.

You should not prescribe a medication during the periodlactation. There are no clinical data on whether local application can cause sufficient systemic absorption of the drug to isolate its components in breast milk.

The use of medication can causediscomfort in the eyes, puffiness of the eyelids, discharge, flushing, sense of foreign object presence, dryness, photophobia. In some cases, headache, dryness in the nose, dizziness, asthenia is possible.

As a contraindication to the use of the drug "Opatanol" (eye drops), the instruction calls hypersensitivity.

Cases of poisoning people with an accidental (or deliberate) swallowing of the drug (the entire vial) does not describe clinical practice.

In the opinion of many patients, octanol issufficiently effective medicine. In comparison with other antiallergic drugs of similar dosage form, these drops relieve unpleasant symptoms already at the first application. Patients report rapid relief, elimination of itching and inflammation. After some time, itching may appear again. However, the symptom is not accompanied by inflammation or burning. Such a reaction, as a rule, is of short duration - the itching passes by itself. The only drawback of the drug, according to consumers, is its cost.

If the side effects persistfor a long period (more than three to four days), it is necessary to stop immediately applying the drug and contact a specialist. Before use, carefully read the instructions.

The use of opanolol, like othersophthalmic drugs, can cause a temporary visual impairment disorder immediately after instillation. Patients who exhibit this reaction are advised to use caution when working with technically complex mechanisms, equipment, machines that require high concentration and vision, and also when managing transport.

Clinical studies of the interaction of opatanol with other drugs have not been conducted.

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